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What Your Birth Stone Really Says About Your Personality

What Your Birth Stone Really Says About Your Personality

Your birthstone is a birthstone for a reason. It is a tradition which has many meanings in different cultures. Your birthstone, like your star sign, is reflected in your personality. Your birthstone will give you personality traits that differ from others and are the same as those born the same month as you. This is what your birthstone really says about your personality. 


The deep red color of garnet reflects a lot about the January babies personalities. It shows that you are fierce and a force not to be reckoned with. But you are also wholesome and pure – the red color is shown in your blood and is a deep pure color like your soul. Garnet is a beautiful birthstone with many other colors within, so it highlights that you are in touch with your emotions and are not afraid to show them to others. A good thing in relationships both romantic and friendly. 


Amethyst typically comes in a violet color but can range in pink tones and blue tones. The warm colors in this stone reflect your warm and loving personality – when people meet you they can’t help but love you. It also resembles lavender so people will often come to you for advice as you omit soothing vibes and are good at helping people through their problems. But you also are straight-talking and are often left as the mum of the group as you talk the most sense. 


What Your Birth Stone Really Says About Your Personality


The pale blue color of aquamarine highlights the bright personality March babies have. They will light up any room that they walk into. But their downfall is that people may use this to their advantage and use their brightness in selfish ways and not repay them. Those born in March may light up your life but their helpfulness can sometimes be their downfall. 


No one shines brighter than a diamond and those born in April are always shining above the rest. They have a personality which is unforgettable and will leave you craving their presence when they are not around. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Well so are April babies. They are not the best at hiding their emotions when they are angry or sad, you will know it. They are transparent much like their birthstone, which can sometimes work in their favor, but mostly they offend people with this personality trait. 


What Your Birth Stone Really Says About Your Personality


Rich and green emerald is your birthstone. The color of growth and freshness, your personality is a refreshing one that many crave and feel comforted by. You are a real gem as a friend and your presence will never go unmissed. Anyone who knows you knows how much of a treasure you really are. Your downfall is that you can become easily jealous of people who take what is yours. Whether that is an emotion or an actual thing. 


Deeper than the ocean, your birthstone, pearl, shows you have a really deep and beautiful side that not many can break through to. You are treasured by many and when you are loved you have a side that is irreplaceable. Many fight to see this side but you are reluctant to show them. You hide this away from others to protect yourself. This is a huge deal for you and you are a tough wall to break down. But that works in your favor as you are happy living an independent life and you trust those close to you more than anything in the world. 


What Your Birth Stone Really Says About Your Personality


Your birthstone is ruby. Ruby is one of the most precious stones in the world. That is highly reflected in your personality. You are a sensitive person who loves to be loved. You thrive best in relationships and you love harder than any other. But, the color of your birthstone is reflected in your personality. The deep red represents the anger in you and you have a very short temper and don’t ever stand for BS. When people cross the line with you, they know about it. Your short temper often means that you regret things quickly after you say them due to your loving side. 


Peridot – the only olive-green birthstone which comes in only that color. You are original and no one can replace you, you are one of a kind. You are a valued friend and family member and if someone were to lose you you would leave a hole that is hard to be filled. However, you may be irreplaceable but sometimes you can be overbearing. Your personality is like Marmite, you either love or hate you. This means that whoever is close to you really does mean a lot to you because they understand you for who you really are. You may struggle to make friends because of this, but that is not to say that you aren’t a lovely person – you are just one of a kind. 

What Your Birth Stone Really Says About Your Personality

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Sapphire comes in many colors and this shows that there are many sides to you that people know about but a lot of people only see the blue in you. The real you is limited to people you trust, but you are a friendly and approachable person who has a personality to fit others. This can sometimes mean that you are a people pleaser and forget to put your own happiness first. You always put other people before yourself, and as lovely as that is, you should put yourself forward once in a while. Self-care is important and you often forget about that. 


Opal – the gem prioritized by royalty in Europe. You are an adventurous personality who loves to be spontaneous and try new things. You never shy away from tasting or trying something new and exciting. You are always the first to do something new and set off a trend with family and friends. Although you try new things you often fall back into what you know. Sometimes these can be bad habits that you should try to replace with new things once in a while. Test out new waters and see where life takes you. Avoid the past and jump full force into the future. 

What Your Birth Stone Really Says About Your Personality


Your birthstone is topaz, a golden brown-yellow gemstone which can also be wine red, pale gray, reddish-orange, pale green, or pink, and opaque to transparent. Like yourself, Topaz must be treated with care and is a fragile stone. You are a fragile person who is really good at putting up a guard. You are stubborn but to those, you love you can break easily. It is hard for you to let your guard down because you are scared to be hurt, but you are very good at seeming strong. Don’t let anyone break you down. 


A birthstone which is a blue-green mineral which is a rare and valuable gemstone. It dates back as old as the 17th century. Much like your birthstone, you are a highly valued person by all your friends and family. You have a classic personality which gets better and more valuable over time. Your downfall is that much like your birthstone, you are a really hard, so your personality is sometimes clouded by your ability to switch off your emotions and vulnerability. 

What Your Birth Stone Really Says About Your Personality

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