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What You Should Keep In Your Purse

When you are going out for the day, you probably won’t get very far if all you are bringing is the clothes on your buddy. There will probably be some other items that will help you out with your day. However, you shouldn’t just carry them in your pockets or your hands as those places are not very convenient. That is why you should bring a purse. If you get at least a medium sized purse, it will be able to carry a decent amount of items. All you have to do is put a purse over your shoulder and you will be ready for whatever the day has to offer. The next question is, what should you put in your purse? There are so many possibilities and it can be hard to figure out what is a necessity and what is just for fun. Obviously, the necessities should have priority, so that is what you should think about. There are some objects that if you keep them in your purse, you will always be prepared. Here are examples of some of those items that are very important and you should check your purse for each of them every time you go out.

1. Keys

You should always remember to lock up your house before you leave. This will also mean that you are going to have to unlock your house when you get home. That is one of the reasons why you should make sure you have your keys in your purse. They are very important and you don’t want to lose them. If you accidentally drop them, you probably won’t have a way to get home. Not only will they unlock your house, but they will unlock your car when you want to go out. You should put all of your keys on a keychain so that they are all together when you need them. Then you always keep the keychain in your purse so that the keys are there when something needs to be locked or unlocked. You can keep your house safe, keep your car safe, and feel calm when you have your security with you.

2. Wallet

If you are going out, there’s a chance you will be spending some money. Whether you are going out to go shopping, going out to eat, or even if you are parking in a garage with a small fee, money will need to be spent. Now you can’t just throw a bunch of cash and credit cards in your purse. That will just lead to you spreading half of your time digging through your purse for money. That is why you need to keep a wallet in your purse. Wallets are almost like mini purses that are just for money. This will be an easy way to keep your money organized so you are easily able to get it out. You should always have a credit card or two in it an a good amount of cash. It is usually easier to just use your credit card, but you might be at a place that only excepts cash, so you should be prepared. Your wallet will help you out wherever you are going and keeping it in a purse will make sure you are always ready.

3. Cellphone

In the digital age, people often don’t go anywhere without their cell phones. You might need to text something important when you are out, but you also might feel the need to check up on social media. If you want to bring your phone out, you should make sure to put it in your purse. Most pockets won’t be able to fit your phone and it is not going to be fun if you carry it in your hands the whole time. Also, you shouldn’t leave it at home because you never know what kind of important call you might get. You will need a plan. That is why you should make room in your purse for your cell phone. It will be there if you need it but you don’t have to carry out your whole time out. Purses are also usually thin enough so that if your phone is ringing, you will be able to hear it just enough but it won’t be too disturbing. We live in a world where phones are an important part of our everyday lives, so we need to embrace that and make it easy to transport phones anywhere.

4. Portable Charger

If you have your cell phone with you, you probably want to make sure it has power. Often, people will go out and their phone runs out of power too quickly. This makes their phone basically useless for the rest of the day. It will be difficult to bring a cord with you, as you will often not have an outlet near you. That is why you need to bring a portable charger. With a portable charger, you will need to charge it before you leave the house. Then once you are out and your phone is low on power, you can plug it into the portable charger to make sure that you will always have power. This charger will usually be a small rectangle so it will very easily fit in your purse. It will last a lot longer than your phone does so don’t worry, the charger won’t run out of power when you are out. You can’t deny that you will be on your phone when you are out, but now your time on your phone can be more enjoyable.

5. Lip Balm

Have your lips ever become dry during the day? This may not seem like a big issue, but it could be bothersome as time goes on. It could make your lips uncomfortable, make you feel thirstier, and will be on your mind a lot throughout the day. You may not have time or the ability to get a bottle of water, but there is something a little more portable that can help you out. You should try to have a stick of chapstick in your purse. Lip balm will make sure that your lips are just wet enough so that your lips are not uncomfortable, but not weirdly wet. It can even come in fun flavors like strawberry or vanilla. That way your lips can taste great all day even when you haven’t just had a meal. Lip balm is more essential than people realize and your lips will definitely thank you later.

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6. Hand Sanitizer

The outside world is often not very clean. If you are out in the city, you will probably be touching all sorts of things like public transportation, crossing buttons, clothes at stores, and so much more. You will be bringing in some germs when you touch these items and that is never good. Even if you don’t have the time to go to a bathroom to clean up, you should try not to let dirt sit. This is why you should have some hand sanitizer in your purse. There is a wide variety of hand sanitizer that you can get. You can get the basic scentless hand sanitizer, or you could also get some in fun and yummy smelling flavors from places like Bath and Body Works. Hand sanitizers often come in very small packaging so you could easily fit it in your purse. You might also want to put two in in case one runs out or if you want to mix things up a little. Every time you feel like your hands have gotten a little dirty, just squirt a dollop of hand sanitizer, rub it around, and you will be killing practically all of the bacteria. With this sanitizer by your side, it will be a lot easier for you to avoid staying home sick.

7. Gum

Have you ever dealt with bad breath? Does your mouth suddenly taste a little weird? I don’t think I have to explain that this is not an enjoyable experience. It can cause you to be a little self conscious about what other people might be thinking. Also, it can just feel gross in your mouth if it doesn’t taste right. Obviously you brush your teeth in the morning, but that might only get you so far. If you have this feeling when you are out and about, you are going to need a quick solution. That is why you should always have a pack of gum in your purse. This is a quick fix to get your mouth tasting amazing. You can get some mint flavored gum for a quick fresh breath, bubblegum for a classic taste, or maybe a fruit flavored gum for some excitement. Also, if you don’t have time for food but you are hungry, this can help tide you over for a bit. A pack of gum will probably last you a few weeks and you will be thankful that you have it. Not to mention, it is always fun to blow a bubble, so it is useful and cheerful at the same time.

8. Compact Mirror

If you are going out, I’m sure you will want to look your best. You probably begin your day by looking in a full length mirror to make sure you look amazing, and then you head out for the day. While you will probably continue looking cute throughout the day, there might be some things that end up a little off. You may end up with some food on the side of your mouth or a few hairs out of place. These are the type of situations where if you can’t see them, you probably don’t know that these tiny flaws are there. You can’t fit a whole full length mirror in your purse, but you can fit a compact mirror. A compact mirror is usually pretty small and is only meant to see your face. If you want to double check on your looks, you can just take the compact mirror out of your purse and you can fix any mistake that you see. This mirror is super convenient and will barely take up any room in your purse, so you have no reason not to have it. It will help make sure you are always picture perfect

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