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What You Need To Know Before Trying Laser Hair Removal

What You Need To Know Before Trying Laser Hair Removal

What You Need To Know Before Trying Laser Hair Removal

So you are planning to get some laser hair removal, but it’s your first time, and you’re not sure what to expect. It’s totally normal to be nervous about these things because it involves some changes to your body and maybe even your routine. There are a few things you should know before getting laser hair removal. This will prepare you for your next laser hair removal visit and maybe make you less anxious for what’s to come.

Be Patient

When it comes to laser hair removal, you have to be patient with the results. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for you to notice anything. Just don’t go into it, expecting your life to change right away. Just like any procedure, it’s a process, and it’s not instant. You’ll get the results you want as long as you’re patient, you wait, and listen to what your doctor has to say.


Shave the Area Beforehand

This will help the process run as smoothly as it needs to. You don’t want to deal with pain or some burnt hair from the procedure. It also makes it a lot easier if the laser hair removal has a smooth surface to work on.

It’s Not As Painful As You Think

Laser hair removal sounds a little scary, mainly from the word laser. You might go into it thinking you’re about to be in a lot of pain from being zapped with a laser. Actually, the experience is quite the opposite! The laser’s feeling is similar to a quick pinch; if anything, it’s more uncomfortable than painful. Certain areas hurt less than others; for example, your arm will experience less pain from the laser hair removal than your face would. If it is hurting, there is something wrong and stop the processes immediately.


It Can Take Time

Depending on where you’re getting the laser hair removal, it can take up some time. If it’s just an upper lip, the session could last around 20 minutes. If it’s a bigger area, expect to be there for around an hour. Processes like these take time, so just don’t expect to be in an out really quickly. Plan accordingly, and make sure you don’t have anywhere to be after.


Can Be Pricey

Be prepared for a pretty big price tag. This procedure does not come cheap, but it is well worth it for a lot of people. Some laser hair removal can cost up to $200, so do some research about the best places to get it done and how much you’ll be spending if you need to do multiple sessions.

Never Miss A Session

If you have to go to multiple sessions with your laser hair removal, which you probably will have to, never miss a session. You must make it to every session for the process to take full effect. If you have your period, you can still go in. It’s not a problem because it’s even worse if you were to miss a session.

Avoid the Sun

Sun exposure is not good for the affected area that you got laser hair removal. It is highly recommended you either reduce your sun exposure or apply sunscreen to protect the skin if you have to go out. This way, your skin after the appointment is protected, and you don’t have to worry about anything bad happening. Obviously, if it’s in an area that isn’t usually exposed, you don’t have to worry about it getting sun exposure.


No Sweat

Absolutely do not go to the gym, sauna, or take a hot shower. You don’t want to sweat or have any heat in the area you just did laser hair removal. This is a great way for bacteria to build up and give room for infection, which you do not want. Your best bet is to stay clear of things that will make that area sweat for a while till it’s healed or the process is over.

Change In Skincare

You might need to rethink some products you use because they can’t be in the area where you had laser hair removal. After laser hair removal, the area can’t have any glycolic acid or retinol cream on it. You also should stop using or get rid of any scrubs you use because it can irritate the area the laser hair removal was used on.

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For All Skin Tones

Some people of color might have some concerns about laser hair removal. They might be worried it will affect or change their skin in any way. You don’t need to worry because the laser hair removal will not affect your skin at all. You’ll get the same experience everyone has and end up with some smooth skin!


Helps With Other Things

Did you know that laser hair removal can help with any problems with ingrown hairs? It’s a great way to get rid of ingrown hair in a safe and not painful way. You’ll appreciate the process some more and even get to remove hair at the same time.

Might Trigger Hair Growth

Be ready for the fact that sometimes laser hair removal can actually cause some hair growth. This is not always the case, and you don’t have to go into it worrying too much about it. Just speak to your dermatologist about the chances and if your skin is cleared for getting laser hair removal.



Sometimes the process doesn’t just work the first time around. That is okay! More times than not, you’ll have to go back a few times and get more treatments for laser hair removal to fully work. Just go into it knowing this might have to happen, and it’s nothing to be worried about.

Which of these did you not know about getting laser hair removal? Was there anything we missed about getting laser hair removal that you know about? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to share with your friends and family so they know what to expect when they are going to get laser hair removal.