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What Would These Celebrities Study If They Went to NYU?

What Would These Celebrities Study If They Went to NYU?

1. Barack Obama

If he weren’t out there being the (former) president of the United States, Obama would probably be interested in studying Society, Environment and Globalization at Tandon. These are literally his three favorite things and now he can have them intertwined to show how they affect our modern day lives. We can just imagine him sitting in a class always participating and going on and on about doing the right thing in his calm, powerful voice.

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2. Kim Kardashian

If Kim Kardashian was an everyday person and not worth $350 million, she might be studying Business and Society at Stern. Classes like Social Entrepreneurship seem like they can hold Kim’s attention. I mean she already makes workout DVDs and has started her own boutique, D-A-S-H, with her sisters. Maybe if she isn’t too overloaded with work, she might even double major in Undergrad Film and TV at Tisch. She really shines in Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


3. Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is really young, so if this whole singing thing doesn’t work, he can come to NYU and blend right in. He already has the music thing down, so I don’t think he needs to study Recording Music at Tisch, but maybe he might study Sports Management at the School of Professional Studies. He did use to play Ice Hockey and Soccer and we know he’s still got it from his bit on The Late Late Show with James Corden a few months back. Maybe that interest can translate to interest in classes like Sports Law and Sports Media Strategies.

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4. Harry Styles

Harry Styles can do it all. He is a singer, a songwriter, an actor and a producer. It almost feels like he should come be a professor at NYU instead. Maybe later he can do that. But, right now, if Harry Styles went to NYU, he would probably study Nutrition and Dietetics at Steinhardt. For so long there have been memes about Harry and kale and his healthy eating habits and apparently now rumor has it he might be coming out with a cookbook of his favorite meals. I don’t know what else would be perfect for Harry.

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5. Ellen DeGeneres

We all love Ellen and just imagine sitting next t0 her in one of your classes. I bet she would pull pranks on other students like she does with her celebrity guests now. If she were here at NYU, she would probably be in the College of Arts and Science majoring in Animal Studies. She has said before that she used to want to be a veterinarian. She even lives with animals now including horses and dogs. In fact, in 2009, PETA named her its Woman of the Year, so this is the perfect area of study for her.

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6. Taylor Swift

While, people may not like Taylor Swift’s songs or her views on certain issues, we have to admit her views on politics really affected voter registration. She can sing and she is very talented at songwriting (no matter where she gets her inspiration from), but maybe if she went to NYU, she could study Politics in the College of Arts and Science and use her platform to influence more people. And maybe having this degree would make more people take her political views seriously.
taylor What do you think other celebrities would study at NYU? Comment on the section below!