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What We Think Of Kim Kardashian’s Most Recent Looks

What We Think Of Kim Kardashian’s Most Recent Looks

As controversies quickly arise, we decided to gather our thoughts and give you our take on Kim Kardashian's most recent looks.

Lately, Kim Kardashian has been under the spotlight – even more than she usually is – due to her fashion choices, which happen to be all linked to the famous designer Thierry Mugler. As controversies arise, we decided to gather our thoughts and give you our take on Kim Kardashian’s most recent looks. Spoiler alert: we kind of side with her.

The Vintage Black Cut Out Dress

Heading to the 5th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards, Kim Kardashian wore a vintage Thierry Mugler that is dated back to the Spring/Summer ’98 collection. Understandably so, nasty comments and unflattering critiques revolved around the revealing nature of the dress, which leaves out more skin than it actually covers. Although it doesn’t leave much to the imagination, we need to acknowledge the artistic value of the dress. Even 21 years later, this fashion masterpiece is still modern – or even innovative – for the current times. The sinuous line, the frontal cut and the sensuous frontal cutouts on the chest manage to stay within the borders of elegance, making Kim look sophisticated but with a twist. It definitely is a “YES” to us.

What We Think Of Kim Kardashian's Most Recent Looks

Greek Goddess-Inspired Look

Last night, Kim Kardashian wore a Greek goddess-inspired look at the Thierry Mugler exhibition. Again, frowns formed at the sight of the almost entirely transparent pink fabric used for the dress, which also featured a gold breast-plate corset – which was also see-through. That Kim is both an admirer and an ambassador of see-through and naked looks is, by now, widely known to the public. And this is exactly why our only comment about her naked goddess outfit is that she is only being consistent with her style – and that needs to be praised or, at least, noted. Rihanna had the same approach in 2014, when she wore her famous see-through sparkly dress by Adam Selman at the CFDA awards, attracting attention and critiques. In this perspective, then, Kim isn’t even a pioneer of this style, which makes her outfit less “shocking”. Branching out from Kim Kardashian’s latest looks to a wider perspective, we should start tailoring our judgment to the topic that’s being discussed. And in fashion, the world where almost anything is possible, a little skin that is being shown with class shouldn’t be the origin of big drama.

What We Think Of Kim Kardashian's Most Recent Looks

Mini Corset Structure White Dress

Later at last night event, Kim changed into a mini corset structure white dress by Thierry Mugler himself, of course. The dress fit her form perfectly, highlighting her famous wasp-like waistline as well as her sinuous curves. Tightly wrapped in this fashion work of art, Kim looked nothing but stunning – and not at all out of place. If anything, she was in the right place, at the right time and in the right dress.

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What We Think Of Kim Kardashian's Most Recent Looks

Fashion can be controversial because of its extraordinary, innovative and often avant-garde choices, but that is what not only makes it interesting but also socially and culturally explanatory. As a form of art, it needs to be analyzed and understood in relation to the times, the places and the thoughts behind it. And Kim is just demonstrating to us that she’s able and, most importantly, not afraid to do all this – and to do it well, too.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s most recent looks? Let us know in the comments below!

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