What We Know About Sophie Turner’s Upcoming Wedding

What We Know About Sophie Turner's Upcoming Wedding

Well, I can promise you that none of us could predict what Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had in store. After the Billboard Music Awards, the two rushed to a nearby Vegas chapel and got married by an Elvis impersonator, while Diplo live-streamed the whole event.


A source close to the couple disclosed that they needed to tie the knot in the states in order for their marriage to be legal and legitimate.

However, it seems as though the two do have plans for another grand festivity to celebrate their new marriage. Though the couple has tried to stay hush-hush, I have been able to discover some major details about Joe and Sophie’s upcoming wedding that you won’t want to miss.

What We Know About Sophie Turner's Upcoming Wedding

1. When is it?

Joe and Sophie have been engaged since October of 2017- and though they are now officially married, we are still dying to see what their wedding ceremony will look like.

After a lot of speculation, Joe finally dropped a major hint about the date of his second nuptials. During an interview with James Corden, Joe revealed that they are set to say “I do”(again) in the summer season of this year. That is as specific as he got.

Being as though the Jonas Brothers start their tour in early August (and we are freaking out about that), that means that June or July seem like viable options Sophie Turner’s upcoming wedding.

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2. Where will it be?

Sophie’s life coach, Mike Bayer, accidentally leaked what seems to be a Save The Date on Instagram. Bayer posted a video of a wooden box with “Sophie and Joe 2019 France” written in gold calligraphy. However, this was more information than the couple had wanted to be available to the public. The post has since been deleted. But, nothing is ever truly gone from the internet, so this information has circulated.

Wow, the city of love. Could you think of a better place for Sophie Turner’s upcoming wedding? To match the romantic Parisian theme, is has been assumed that inside of the wooden box was a bottle of wine for each invited guest.

With this information available, it can be assumed that Joe and Sophie are still planning to have a traditional wedding ceremony following their spontaneous Vegas nuptials.

What We Know About Sophie Turner's Upcoming Wedding

3. Who Will Be There?

Sophie Turner’s upcoming wedding will be a smaller affair. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, Turner spilled details on their plans to keep the celebration small.

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“We’re trying to keep the wedding as low-key as possible so it’s more of an intimate thing,” Sophie said.

Evidently, Sophie’s bridesmaids will entail her fellow ‘Jonas Sisters’ (as they have dubbed themselves), Danielle and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The maid of honor is said to be Turner’s co-star, Maisie Williams. Turner will also have 1 other maid of honor, though the public is unsure of who it could be.

As for Joe’s entourage, of course, his brothers Nick, Kevin, and Frankie will be by his side on the big day.

Though it is not certainly known who else will be in attendance, I think it is safe to say that both the worlds of the Winterfell clan and the music industry will collide.

4. The Dress

Sophie Turner’s upcoming wedding is sure to be glamourous- especially with France as a backdrop. From decorations to outfits, we can’t wait to see what the newlyweds have in store.

Turner is the brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton and has become good friends with the brand’s artistic director. Because of this, fans have speculated that perhaps her gown will be a Louis Vuitton.

Sophie has expressed her admiration for the brand’s ability to empower women and their strength.

What are you dying to find out about the Jonas wedding? Let us know down below!

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