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What TV Show you are based on your Birth Year

What TV Show you are based on your Birth Year

TV shows are a good way to develop social skills while learning valuable life lessons or even learning through characters to avoid making mistakes in the future. We all have a show that defined us growing up; a show that made us happy, that shaped our ideas and morality. I grew up watching shows like Sabria the Teenage Witch, Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, and a whole lot of Disney Channel. Now I’m proud to say that I’m a mixture of all the shows I watched and all the characters I looked up to.

Here is the TV show that best corresponds to you based on your birth year:


If you were born in the ’80s, let’s face it, you had an original childhood where technology wasn’t quite globalized yet. You surely had a TV with an antenna and about 10 channels watching cartoons, as they were reigning during this time.


You are Scooby-Doo because it was the most beloved cartoon series in the ’80s, and since it has become a cultural icon. After chasing around, the group would solve mysteries by trying to reveal the true identity of the monster. 

Scooby-Doo franchise has continued today and we still cannot get enough of the puppy-love between Scooby and Shaggy. They now have modern-day interpretations of this show but no honey; you are the original! 


1985- The Little Mermaid

Ariel is a beautiful mermaid princess living under the seam with her father and Sebastian the crab. Ariel has beautiful red hair that mesmerizes the audience and creates a dreamy set. This TV show started Disney’s renaissance lasting until the 2000s. The TV show shares positive messages with young people who watch it.

If you were born in 1985, you are extremely selfless and help your friends no matter what. You are patient and tireless, and do your best to achieve your goals. Your calm in a crisis is eye-opening, and your confidence and courage are motivational. If that does not scream Ariel to you then I don’t know what does.

You are Ariel, Ariel is you! If you are a 1985 baby, then your personality is just like Ariels and you should go and watch the TV show!


1990- Spongebob 

If you were born in 1990 you are kind-hearted and helpful, and very popular among your friends. You are probably extremely cheerful, good at communication, and have strong insight with an amazing zest for life.

Sponge-bob is just that—loves life, his friends and embraces all the journeys he experiences. He loves intellectual games and sports, he is self-confident and has good taste in all aspects. He tries to smile amidst any negative thing that happens to him,


You, 1990 babies, remind me of Spongebob’s life-loving personality because of your quick response to happiness. 

1995- Mr. Bean

Yesssss! These years are known to be the best years of one’s life, and Mr. Bean is the best character of all time. This TV show has a fair bit of charm, it is relaxing, funny, and extremely British. No comedy can match Mr. Beans sheer simplicity and genuine love for life. It’s the beauty of a non-complex plot, with a premise that leaves room for self-creation.


If you were born in 1995 you are easy to get along with, honest, and are sympathetic, and understanding to other people’s problems. You are probably extremely optimistic and have a liberal attitude to life—you will get along with Mr. Bean!

2000- Friends

People born in 2000 are dominant, they are defined by a dragon in the Chinese zodiac; they are authoritative ambitious, and have a lot of dignity. 

You are Phoebe Buffay because of your uniqueness, quirkiness, and slight superstition. She is a charter that screams love of life, ambition, and accomplishment of dreams. Phoebe always chases her dreams and desires. Phoebe supports her friends, just like you do if you were born in 2000. Friends is definitely the TV shows that define you because these were probably the best years of our lives.


Since 2000 is the beginning of a new era, resolutions, desires, and new starts dominate the mindset of people born or grown up in 2000.

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2002-Sabrina the Teenage Witch 

Now this is my era right here!

Sabrina is just a normal teenage girl, like the ones watching and looking up to her, except—she’s a witch! She is guided by her lovely aunts who come from a long generational line of witches, as well as Salem, her black cat. We get to live with Sabrina as she constantly struggles to grasp the meaning of being a witch and having magical powers.

You are Sabrina because the people born in 2002—the horse year—are defined as empathetic and having the spirit to sacrifice one’s individual desires for the greater good. If that doesn’t scream Sabrina to you, go re-watch it!


2007- The Walking Dead

If you were born in 2007 you made the Gen Z cut, congratulations!

Now, you probably grew up and are growing up with Instagram, Youtube, Netflix, Snapchat, and now TikTok. Your birth year is definitely the walking dead- having to deal with new dilemmas, pollution, climate change, and the progress of the technological evolution. 


If you were born in 2007, you are filled with vitality, motivation, and enterprising goals. In the walking dead, they literally fight ZOMBIES, and that’s is in one way or another something you have been doing since you were born, especially with all the problems of the world now. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you could relate to your birth year, or the birth year closest to yours! This truly shows how different we are as people, but sometimes so alike in the same way. Tv shows are important to expand creativity and infect the soul and missed with good values.

Please share this article with your friends so you guys can begin your TV show binge based on your birth year! Comment some Tv shows you recommend in general because we all need shows to watch during this pandemic.