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What To Worry About When Dating Each Sign

What To Worry About When Dating Each Sign

Knowing what to worry about when dating each of the zodiac signs is like having a small cheat sheet in the dating game. In this day and age, dating people is probably the most complicated that it has ever been. Between all of the dating apps and campus coffee shops there are so many people to choose from. And even with all our technology, it’s hard to figure someone out before that first date. But alas! All hope is not lost, because if you can at least figure out your crushes zodiac sign you can get a good guess on what dating them like that. With that being said, here are the things you need to worry about when dating each zodiac sign.

1. Aries

From my personal experience with dating Aries people, your biggest worry will be their temper. You might have to be the calming voice in their ear some days but other days you’ll have to just find a way to keep up.

Aries zodiac sign


2. Taurus

Dating a Taurus can bring many challenges but the thing to worry about when dating them is that they are the biggest home bodies that I’ve ever met. If you’re one for big adventures and constantly being on the move, dating a Taurus will have you frustrated and laying on an incredibly comfortable couch. However, with the right energy a Taurus could be just the sidekick needed for an adventure!

Taurus zodiac icon

3. Gemini

Oh my dear, Gemini! The thing to worry about when dating these people are their visually infinite layers. You may feel like you will never truly know who they are because they seem to be ever changing.


If you need to know exactly what you’re getting, then I suggest you look elsewhere. If you’re ready, though, Gemini can keep a relationship from feeling stagnant.

Gemini zodiac sign

4. Cancer

Dating a cancer is… interesting. Alright, I’m just going to say it, they are so emotionally driven it can be exhausting sometimes.


If you’re one for logic, it can be stressful to be with someone who goes with heart over head nearly every time. But if you ever wanted a life like a sappy rom-com, then go ahead and get a Cancer.

Cancer zodiac sign

5. Leo

As a Leo, it’s incredibly fun for me to tell you what your biggest worry should be when dating one. The ego of a Leo is infamous, it’s big but it is also  incredibly fragile, one wrong move and a Leo can turn into something like a vengeful queen.


All that fire needs attending, and if you aren’t prepared to give you’re undivided attention, then you may need to back away slowly. If you pull it off, though, it’ll be like having a warrior in your corner wherever you go.

Leo zodiac sign

6. Virgo

Virgo, Virgo, Virgo. The biggest worry when it comes to dating one of these people is that they will criticize you quite a bit. Now, of course it’s all out of love, but, if you can’t take the criticism they’ll give you and maybe even apply it they just might show you the door themselves.


In the end, anyone with a Virgo will end up as the best version of themselves, they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Virgo zodiac sign

7. Libra

Dating a Libra is no exception in this list, there are still things to worry about when dating the sign marked by fairness and harmony.


The want to keep things nice in a relationship can lead a Libra to be non-confrontational to a fault. That coupled with their natural flirty attitude can rub some partners the wrong way. 

Libra zodiac sign

8. Scorpio

Dealing with a Scorpio can be tough, but dating a Scorpio is a horse of another color. This sign loves to keep an air of mystery that can be particularly infuriating for partners.


Not only that, but, before you even have time to ask about the deeper parts you just may be whisked of to your 3rd social event of the evening. It can be tiresome for those who can’t get past that tough exterior.

Scorpio zodiac sign

9. Sagittarius

Dating a Sagittarius is a roller coaster. They really don’t know how to slow down and in the event that you ask them to do so they just might run off with someone that had been waiting in the wings for them.

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Don’t get me wrong, they are delightful, but they don’t like to settle, unless someone can make settling seem just as fun.

Sagittarius zodiac sign


10. Capricorn

You know those people with a strict 10 year plan? Well that’s what you have to worry about when it comes to dating this zodiac sign.

With everything planned out you might feel like your role wasn’t created for you, but you just happened to fit in it. Just relax though, many Capricorns have been able to cut themselves out of their own safety nets, they just need someone to help them out sometimes.

Capricorn zodiac sign


11. Aquarius

The biggest thing to worry about when it comes to dating an Aquarius is their mysteriousness. It’s a bit like Scorpio’s but less intense.

You may feel like you’re being kept at a distance because you may be. They value their alone time and it is more than likely no slight to you.

Aquarius zodiac sign


12. Pisces

This sign is deeply creative and emotional. Channeled correctly that could lead to amazing things. However, you need to worried about when that gets channeled negatively.

It could easily turn into a self-defeating cycle of scenarios that Pisces has come up with. As their partner you might hive to be the one to pull them out of that.

Pisces zodiac sign


Those are my tips on what to worry about when dating the zodiac signs. What has been your experiences with each of these signs?

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