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What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

One of the timeless traditions of high school is the homecoming dance that takes place in the fall that concludes Homecoming Week. However, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic changing everything in life, one of the biggest questions this fall for high schoolers is if there will be a homecoming dance or not. 

As of August 15 (the day that this article was written for this article), there have been almost 21,500,000 cases and a total of 766,165 deaths worldwide as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic so far. From these statistics, 5,500,459 of the cases and 172,099 of the deaths related to the coronavirus have occurred in the United States.

With these alarming numbers, in addition to several schools that have recently began the school year having to shut down due to multiple positive coronavirus tests, the chances of high schools around the country holding their homecoming dances in the fall are very slim.

As we all know, mass gatherings increase potential exposure to the coronavirus. As a result, the traditional homecoming dance that’s held either in your high school’s gymnasium or at a hotel won’t happen. However, if any school still plans on holding a homecoming dance, it will mostly likely be held online via Zoom, the way many schools hosted prom this past spring. Even if homecoming this year via Zoom, you still want to look fabulous as if the dance was being held the traditional way.

This article will include various stylish and chic homecoming dresses and outfits you can wear for the dance. Most of the Homecoming Dress Ideas featured in this article will be short or midi-length dresses. 

Now, with all of that information being stated, let’s take a look down below and check these 10 l to Consider Wearing for Homecoming this year: 

1. A Black Dress:

Whether it is for homecoming or prom, one can never go wrong with wearing a black dress to any high school dance. Like with most dresses, a black one is simple and looks terrific regardless of length or style. Along with other colors, there are many directions you can go with the color black for your homecoming dress. 

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

2. A Two Piece Dress:

Unlike most dresses and outfits for homecoming, a two piece dress stands out because it allows you to show off your wonderful curves and stomach. The skirt adds more sexiness to the outfit. 

A two piece dress looks incredibly hot and sexy regardless if the skirt is a mini, midi, or long one. However, for homecoming, you should wear a two piece dress that comes with a mini or midi skirt (save the two piece dress with a long skirt for prom). If you want to wear something that’s trendy and stands out, the two piece dress is the outfit that you should wear to homecoming this year! 

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

3. An Off the Shoulder Dress:

Like with most of the dress style featured in this article, the off the shoulder style dress is a wonderful option to wear to any high school dance. It will never go out of style. 

With this dress, you can wear your hair either down, up, or half up and half down. One of my favorite off the shoulder dresses that I found that many readers would love to wear is this midi Magenta Off-the-Shoulder Skater Dress from Lulus. The material of this dress is thick. The dress’s full skater skirt creates a fun, fit, and flare silhouette. This dress is also sold in the colors of blush pink and black. 

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

4. A Mini Dress with Embellishments:

One of the hottest homecoming dresses that you should consider wearing to the dance is Free People’s Night Shimmers Mini Dress. This dress features a plunging V-neckline, in addition to many eye-catching embroidery and embellishments.

This sexy look might be on the expensive side (This dress costs $108), but is worth the full price as you will look absolutely stunning. Free People’s Night Shimmers Mini Dress is sold in several different colors and I recommend buying this dress in either Magic Amethyst, Red (see the photo below), or in Black.

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

5. A Cut Out Dress: 

Cutout Dresses are designed to show off your features. Showing off a little bit of your body will definitely turn many heads at homecoming. With this style of dress, make sure you pick one that’s still appropriate for a high school homecoming dance and not one that you would wear for a night out at the club. 

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

6. A Sequin Slip Dress:

Sequin dresses are one of the most popular dress styles to wear for homecoming. If you decide to wear one for homecoming this year, consider wearing a mini sequin slip dress. With this hot dress style, all of the boys will not be able to resist taking their eyes off of you. 

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What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

7. A Satin Dress:

A Satin dress is a straight throwback to the 1990s. Women feel more confident and sexier while wearing these silky-textured dresses. Regardless of the color or if it’s a mini or midi dress, you will look super hot in a satin dress. 

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

8. A Body Con Midi Dress:

This dress style is great to wear to your school’s homecoming dance this fall if you want something that’s fitted and tight. A Body Con Midi Dress is a figure hugging look that will for sure catch many eyes, like this black Letter From The Queen Dress from Hello Molly (depicted in the photo below) does. 

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

9. A Long Sleeve Chiffon Dress:

This Blush colored Aliah Puff Chiffon Wrap Dress from Lucy In the Sky is elegant and classy. It is also chic and flirty, making it a perfect outfit to wear for Homecoming.  

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

10. A Blazer Dress: 

Blazer dresses were one of the biggest trends for dresses this year. This style of dress looks smart, sharp and sexy all at the same time. A blazer dress makes the perfect homecoming dress to wear if you want to make a bold, confident statement.

What To Wear When You Go Back For Homecoming

Which of these Homecoming Dresses and outfits do you plan on wearing for your high school’s homecoming dance? Let us know which one down below in the comments section! Have a happy homecoming!

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