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What To Wear To UTK Sorority Recruitment

What To Wear To UTK Sorority Recruitment

Rush week can be an intimidating process! But knowing how to dress beforehand can really help. Here's a guide on what to wear for UTK sorority Recruitment!

As August draws near, southern girls have one thing on their minds: Sorority Recruitment. Here at the University of Tennessee, thousands of girls will eagerly move into their dorms early to take on Rush Week. With nerves and excitement settling in, many girls are beginning to text their new roomies or older friends who have gone through rush asking one thing, “What do I wear?!” Well ladies, I am here to help. Here are tips and examples of the outfits you will need for UTK Sorority Recruitment week.

Day 1: Go Greek Round

Much like Pan Preview, Go Greek Round consists of short intros into each of the chapters. A t-shirt will be provided during Recruitment Orientation to wear for this day, so all you have to do is find a cute pair of shorts and sandals.

What to Buy:


Tip: Wear comfortable shoes! Even if your shoes are slightly uncomfortable, they will feel like needles on your feet after walking to every house in Sorority Village.


Day 2 & 3: Philanthropy Round

With Philanthropy Round divided into two days, there is a little less walking between house to house, but it will still be a long two days! For these two days, you should wear a skirt and top or a day dress. Think going out to a nice dinner with friends or a date. I would still recommend sandals, but some girls opt for wedges.

What to Buy:

Tip: I would personally recommend a cute shift dress. They offer ultimate comfort for those hot August days and are super cute.


Days 4 & 5: Sisterhood Round

These two days will be over by 2 p.m. to allow the girls to attend Welcome Week activities and you will be attending a maximum of six houses each day. With the days being a little shorter, the wedges get a little higher. For days 4 & 5, a little dressier dress is worn with wedges. I would say these dresses are similar to something you would wear to a sports team banquet or a nice church service.

What to Buy:



Day 6: Preference Round

This is by far the most serious day of recruitment with a maximum of three chapters. You will get to spend an hour in each of those three houses getting to know what they’re about at a more intimate level. This is also the dressiest day. I would call it “wedding wear”, meaning wear a nice dress with some nice shoes and accessorize! You want to impress the chapters and look your best.

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What to Buy:

Tip: Make sure you’re on your A-game for preference round! This is when you will really be able to see what chapter is right for you and the sisters will want to know you to the best of their ability.



Day 7: Bid Day

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve some comfort don’t you think?! For the final day of Recruitment, you will be delighted to hear that you can wear shorts and a t-shirt! Find your comfiest pair of Nike shorts and a good old UT shirt, throw on some tennis shoes, and head out the door!

The last tips I will leave you with are to have fun and take Recruitment as an opportunity to make new friends to take on this new chapter of life with! Good luck & GO VOLS!

Do you have any more tips or advice for UTK sorority recruitment? Let us know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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