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What to Wear to SoulCycle

What to Wear to SoulCycle

What to wear to SoulCycle

You’ve heard about SoulCycle, seen it on social media and heard that one friend rave about how much SoulCycle changed her life. You have finally taken the step to reserve a bike at the very back of the room (because you’re a newbie and you have no clue what’s going on…) and you’re getting ready for your first class.  Forget everything you know about Spin or other indoor cycling classes, SoulCycle is its own unique kind of full body workout. One question remains: what should you wear to SoulCycle so you don’t look totally out of place in the midst of The Pack (aka the most fit, toned and beautiful people you’ve ever seen)? Here’s the ultimate guide to what to wear to SoulCycle so you can arrive prepared to your first class.

1. A comfortable pair of running or yoga pants

The SoulCycle website is pretty vague on what to wear: “Come as you are in your favorite workout clothes: shorts or leggings with a tank or tee.” First piece of advice, don’t wear shorts to SoulCycle, unless you want to spend the entire class with your thighs chaffing against the seat. I didn’t think so. Instead, wear a comfortable pair of  fitted, three-quarter length running or yoga pants.



2. A quality sports bra

One thing is sure at SoulCycle is that you will SWEAT like never before during a workout. A high quality sports bra is a must to keep you supported and comfortable during your very sweaty ride. Reebok sports bras are sweat resistant and won’t chafe against the skin. They also offer great support no matter your bra size.


3. Why not go for a matching set?

You might end up ditching your top once it is drenched with sweat so why not plan ahead and wear a matching set.




4. A moisture wicking tank top

Did we mention the sweating? Make sure you wear a tank top that will absorb moisture as the room will get HOT. The Reebok tanks featured below are the perfect pick: the Speedwick technology wicks sweat away from the body to help you stay cool and dry. Make sure your tank isn’t too tight and allows breathing, you don’t want it to end up glued to your body.



5. Cycling shoes

As far as shoes go, you won’t be wearing your regular sneakers for the class. You will need to wear special shoes as SoulCycle’s bikes require you to clip in to the pedals. You will have the option to rent shoes at the studio (free the first time and $3 after). If the idea of stepping into a shoe that someone else has sweated into doesn’t really appeal to you, just get your own!

6. Comfy and airy socks

Make sure you bring a pair of comfy and airy socks to use with your cycling shoes. If you wear thick socks, your feet will feel trapped and hot which is pretty uncomfortable during your ride.

7. Dare to be bold

While you might be tempted to wear black to blend in, the vibe at SoulCycle is bright and bold! Let your personality shine and feel free to wear fun patterns and bright neon colors. Have fun with your workout gear!




8. A hair tie and athletic headband

If you have long hair, make sure you secure it in a ponytail or tight bun as it would be really annoying to ride with hair flipping in your face. A headband is a pretty crucial part of what to wear to SoulCycle.

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9. A water bottle

It’s really important to stay hydrated before and during your class. You can bring your own water bottle or buy Smartwater at the front desk. The class doesn’t allow for a lot of breaks so you will need a bottle that’s easy to use while pedaling and fits nicely into the bike’s cupholer.


10. Earplugs

The classes can get really loud. Make sure to bring your earplugs or take the complimentary ear plugs from the front desk. You can take them out if you feel like you don’t need them, but it’s a pain to go get them in the middle of class if you didn’t bring a pair on your bike.


Are you ready to work hard and party hard on the bike? now that you know exactly what to wear to SoulCycle, sign up for your first SoulCycle class and get ready for the best workout ever!

This is a sponsored article. All opinions are my own.