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What to Wear to a Music Festival

What to Wear to a Music Festival

As the winter winds down, there’s one thing that starts to make its way into the minds of every music-lovin’ fashionista out there: music festival season. From the dust ridden California deserts of Coachella to the sweltering Tennessee farmland of Bonnaroo, music festivals grace the country with good music, awesome entertainment…and even better fashion. As each of these highly anticipated fests inch their way closer to arrival, it’s time to start preparing your outfits – because c’mon, that’s one of the best parts of the event! While the options are literally endless, here are a few outfit suggestions of what to wear to a music festival (that will hopefully make the detailed process of wardrobe generation a little bit easier).

Cowgirl Chic

If you’re looking for something to wear to a music festival that’s easy, simple, super cute AND super comfortable – this type of outfit is the way to go. A romper is quick to slip on and off and is perfect for accessorizing. Booties, a fringe bag and a hat are the perfect compliments.





Edgy, Yet Girly



Trying to go for an outfit with a little more sass? How about a (not too) revealing crop top, adorable cotton shorts and lace up gladiators. The conflicting edgy and girly styles actually work magically together, making this outfit perfect for any fashionista to wear to a music festival.


Gypsy Flare

So you’re looking for something more gypsy-esque to wear to a music festival – here’s your outfit. Billowing sleeves, long, sheer skirts and layers of jewelry should be the main components of your wardrobe this weekend.


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True Boho

For the quintessential look to wear to a music festival, you’ll stick to an outfit that truly represents the bohemian style. Long dresses, peek-a-boo bandeaus and peep-toe booties bring the outfit together, but slept in curls and a dainty flower crown will really complete the look.



Flower Child

Another sweet and simple outfit to wear to a music festival, just pair a ruffled, off the shoulder shirt with cutoff jean shorts and throw on a comfy pair of sandals. You can never go wrong with a flower crown as it really demonstrates that infamous hippie inspired fashion.



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