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What To Wear To Class And Parties at USC

What To Wear To Class And Parties at USC

Ringing in the new school year with new books, fresh bottles of vodka, and obviously a new wardrobe. College calls for all different types of looks. From an 8 am class to your 11 pm pregame, USC students always look the part. If you want a refresher on how to look the part, keep reading for what to wear to class, parties, and basically everything necessary to gear up for the new school year at USC!

What To Wear To Class at USC:

We all know the feeling of waking up 10 minutes before class, throwing on the closest sweatshirt, and hoping we don’t see anyone we know on the way out. Though this happens more than we anticipate, there are ways to avoid this nightmare and appear to class in style.

Baseball caps are your best friend.

Baseball hats are an amazing go-to accessory that can turn your not-so-well-brushed-bed-head into a hidden secret. And trust us, you will see everyone around campus rocking them as well.


Sunglasses are life’s way of saying: “you got this.”

Sunglasses are another go-to accessory that are perfect for hiding your tired eyes, while making you look trendier than ever.


Workout clothes are your secret weapon.

Another amazing go-to for class is workout clothing. We all know that more often than not, we wear lulu lemon with the intention of working out, but then we just…forget.


By wearing your workout clothes to class you will not only be cute and sporty but you will be motivated to work off your 1 am pizza from the night before. Not to mention workout clothes are extremely comfortable, so you can rock them as if you are only doing so to work out later. We won’t tell anyone.

If you are in Greek life:

At USC you can be sure to find all the sororities sporting their newest line of apparel. From bags to t-shirts your guaranteed a free fashion show while sitting in the campus center. Don’t over pack your t-shirts because once you become a sorority sister, you will be filled with enough to last a life time.

What To Wear To Other Events at USC:

USC Party Attire:

After a long day of classes and many campus center run-ins, the parties are about to get started. From costume-themed date dashes, to formal invites, the options of what to wear are endless.


We might be crazy but we know how to dress to impress. Everyone should have a few go-to dresses for a night out on the town, or even just a birthday party dinner. We all know we love to get dressed up, so be prepared for whatever the night brings you.

What to wear to USC Game Day:

Game days call for song girl skirts, USC leotards, and a whole lot of temp tattoos. Not only is the sun blazing down but you will without a doubt be jumping till the day is done. Trust us, you want to wear something light and comfortable.

Another USC game day tip is to find a few pairs of sunglasses that you don’t particularly care about losing, or breaking. We all know what goes down at a tailgate, so save yourself the tears and wear sunglasses that are both trendy and care free.

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Pro Tip: A whole lot of partying results in a whole lot of dirty shoes. Come to school with one go-to party shoe that you can wear to game days, and other row parties. After just one party your new white shoes might turn into a brown mess. So select one lucky winner to be your designated party shoe.




What To Wear To USC Costume Events:

When packing for the school year at USC, be sure to save space for the costume box. USC is known for its over the top themed parties so ditch your favorite pair of jeans and purchase a school girl skirt and maybe some jerseys for the party season.

Bathing Suits?

California is the sunny state as some might say. So, why go to school in California if you’re not going to tan? Bathing suits are a must have item when packing for the school year.


Whether you’re tanning at the gateway pool, or walking to the row for a darty, you can never go wrong with the newest bikini top. So stock up ladies and gents, because this year’s going to get very, very hot.

What else can we add to what to wear to class and parties at USC? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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