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What To Wear To A Frat Party In Boston: Winter Edition

What To Wear To A Frat Party In Boston: Winter Edition

Because we like to go from 0 to 100. In degrees Fahrenheit, that is, from outside the party to inside, you better be ready. The Boston Frat Party Outfit is a carefully curated uniform, ready for battle. It sends a mix of I’m Hot + I Don’t Care About You Fuckbois to Okay Maybe A Little to These Clothes Can and Will Be Spilled On. Let’s analyze. Keep reading for a guide of what to wear to a frat party in Boston.

1. You will need a ‘Fracket’.

A fracket is a frat jacket that will keep you warm when you need it but one that can get dirty or misplaced without you becoming too upset about it. In the bitch that is a Boston winter, you’ll need a warm coat, even in the most jam-packed uber pool to the hill.

It can even be a Canada Goose if you’re willing to test your coat-stashing skills. But no matter how you avoid hypothermia, remember that alcohol blankets can supplement, but NOT replace, the warmth of the parka. Either way, we all know it’s what’s on the inside of that jacket that counts.




2. You will also need a light jacket.

If the New England weather is bearable enough without the use of a fracket, it is still a good idea to have something covering you in the cold winter. Any light jacket such as a leather jacket is an absolute necessity. You can wear it over pants, dresses, skirts, leggings, etc.


3. You should have a ‘DFP’ shirt.

A Designated Frat Party Shirt. It’s a blouse, tank, or crop top that you paid no more than $19.99 for, and it will go with you all the way from pregame to pizza. Invest in multiple DFP shirts or just have the one, because no one will ever notice from SigEp to DTD.



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4. A pair of proper designated ‘frat shoes’.

My heart and sole goes out to these bad boys for enduring the toughest conditions. From the inch-thick goop that covers the hardwood floors of Gainsborough, or the sticky basement of Calumet, you’re going to have to designate a pair of Converse to this worthy cause. Your white sneakers will never stay that way. Embrace the diversity and party on.

5. A sturdy pair of knee-high boots.

Ankle booties also work perfectly fine as well, however, knee-high boots keep you very warm during the harsh Boston winters. Now you don’t have to wait in line outside with the wind at your ankles.


6. A small wristlet, clutch, or shoulder bag.

You’re not going to want to worry about having to carry a lot of your belongings in a huge bag with you. You are going to want to be able to conceal your makeup, wallet, cell phone in a small and easy-to-carry clutch, wristlet, or shoulder bag. Chances are you won’t have a safe place to leave your purse, so be prepared to have to hold this with you at all times.

If you’re a non-conformist or just plain cool, I support your fashion choices. Just know that it will be too dark to see how cute your outfit is, and likely too hot to enjoy wearing it.

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