What to Wear Skiing (or Snowboarding)

Ski season is basically here, and I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more excited! Bundling up in winter’s finest accessories, lacing up those board boots and stepping foot onto a few feet of fresh powder – what gets better than that?

As you’ll probably spend the day zipping past onlookers as you glide down the mountain, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look cute doing so. For a few quick style tips on what to wear this ski season, I’ve put together some options that are trendy AND practical.

So while I can’t guarantee your skiing/snowboarding skills are up to par, I can promise you that with these outfits, you’ll at least look good (fashion wise) trying!

The Snowboarders

On the Slopes

When you’re attacking those crisp mountainous turns, sticking to bright colors and comfortable materials will keep heads turning (and not just because of your incredible talent…or lack there of).


Jackets in vibrant shades paired with snow pants in a neutral tone are the perfect duo.


Layering is essential on the slopes, those wintry winds can become pretty fierce.


These stylish goggles protect your eyes from all the elements on a mountain, while a cozy beanie keeps your hair in place and your ears nice and warm.


Obviously no snowboarding outfit is complete without a board and boots.


In the Cabin

A long day of whipping down the mountain is usually followed by hours of lounging in the cabin. Shed some of those heavy layers you donned outside, and use this opportunity to show off the hottest trends of the season.



The Skiers

On the Slopes

To encourage movement as you traverse through the snowy hills, stick to form fitting gear that will allow you to show off your skiing skills (and your booty!).


A snug puffer jacket will provide warmth and flexibility, while thick leggings will do the same for your lower half!


A knit turtleneck keeps your neck covered from blistering winds and a big hat captures heat from escaping your head.


A good pair of socks will ensure your feet stay warm as you plow down the mountain (on these awesome set of skis).


Don’t let the sun stand in the way of you and the mountain and be sure to pack a pair of sunglasses (if you’re not wearing goggles). You’re also going to need some quality gloves – particularly for those who plan on spending a lot of time on the ground…yes, I’m talking to you, newbies.


In the Cabin

Sometimes the best part of ski season is those long nights spent by the cabin fire. Pack an outfit that will keep you warm, comfy and obviously, lookin’ good.




The Snow Bunnies

Not all of us may enjoy “shredding the gnar,” but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that long awaited ski trip you and your friends have been planning! There’s plenty of other things for you to do in the mountains – cross country skiing, a walk through winter wonderland, a quality reading sesh cuddled up by a bustling fire and a large cup of spiked eggnog – the options go on. So for those of you who prefer to keep your feet unstrapped and stay planted at the base of the mountain, here’s a fashionable look that won’t immediately give you away!




*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Feature image source: peaceloveshea.com and coloradoski.com
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