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What To Wear For You First Week On Campus

What To Wear For You First Week On Campus

Your first week on campus will be one of the most exciting and stressful times of college! Not only is it a time filled with opportunities, but it is also an insane adjustment period. The last thing you should have to worry about is what you are wearing to class or other events. So, here are some outfits that are perfect for making a great first impression on everyone you meet!

1. If you want to stand out, try pairing a t-shirt with a cute skirt!

If you are considering going through the recruitment process to join a sorority, this might be a great look for you! While each chapter will have its own guidelines, you will want to dress to impress regardless of if you are at a rush event or not! Skirts are not for everyone, but they will certainly help keep you cool while walking back and forth from your dorm to class! Make sure you dress to impress until you make it into your sorority of choice. But don’t forget to always dress for yourself first. Looks are just that—they’re looks. Remember, there’s a whole lot more to you than what t-shirt and skirt you’re wearing. But hey, why not look cute for yourself?

What To Wear For Your First Week Of Class

2. A comfy shirt and jeans shorts are always a safe bet!

You can never go wrong with this outfit! You can dress this outfit up with cute accessories and a hat, or you can dress it down with no jewelry and a fun, messy hairstyle! Whatever mood you are in, you can alter this look accordingly! One of the best parts about this outfit is that you can wear whatever shoes you’d like! The comfier, the better! Trust me, your feet will thank you later after walking all over campus.

What To Wear Your First Week On Campus

3. This outfit is perfect for your first 8 a.m. class!

Contrary to popular belief, a very small percentage of people in early classes take the time to get dressed and do their hair or makeup. You might have been placed in this class by your advisor, or perhaps you thought it was a great idea to get your classes over with early in the day. But by the time you hit midterms, this early class might just become your worst nightmare! Try not to stress about putting too much effort into what you’re wearing for these classes, and make sure whatever you choose to wear is super comfortable. A cute sweater and a pair of comfortable shorts is the perfect go-to for any early class. Just double check to make sure your comfy clothes are not see-through before wearing them to class!What To Wear Your First Week Of Campus

4. Need an outfit for a last-minute dinner or late-night study session at the library?

Whether you are grabbing food in the cafeteria or walking downtown, you cannot go wrong with this look! It is a perfect balance between cute and edgy that will keep you stylish and comfortable wherever you go! You will not have to sacrifice comfort for this outfit, either! You can simply swap out the boots for a comfortable pair of sneakers if you are planning on walking a bit, or if that suits your style more. The good news is, this look is completely modifiable to your style. 
What To Wear Your First Week On Campus

5. Craving Starbucks or Dunkin’? This is the perfect outfit for an early morning coffee run!

Maybe you did not wear hats often in high school, but they are certain to become your best friend in college! Grab your favorite leggings and a crop top, slide your feet into your sneakers and put on a ball cap. Voila, you are ready to grab your morning coffee. Plus, you will not have to change your clothes for class and, if you are feeling up for it, you can hit the gym right after classes end!

What To Wear Your First Week On Campus

6. Wanting to explore the gym or take a run around campus? Try this cool and comfortable look!

Always check your college or university’s gym dress code before trying to wear a crop top or sports bra! For safety reasons, some require shirts or tank tops to be worn at all times. Bring an extra shirt with you when you go just to be safe! If you choose to go for a walk or run around campus, make sure your clothes are super breathable and lightweight to stay as cool as possible.

What To Wear Your First Week On Campus

7. Dresses are always a good idea!

Trust me on this one! So many people wear dresses on campus, it’s actually surprising! Throwing on a dress is a super easy way to look cute when you are short for time or just want to look nice! Be sure to wear something long enough so that you will not have to worry about your backpacking pulling anything up! If you do this, you’ll be golden. Pair some comfortable sandals or flats with your favorite dress for a polished look! Or, make it casual with your favorite pair of sneaks! Either way, this look is a winner.

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What To Wear Your First Week On Campus

8. Want to make a good first impression on your professor during office hours? Try this look!

While you can wear anything you would like to class, you should put in a little effort when going to office hours or seeing your advisor! A pair of jeans and a simple top will make you look serious when you ask for clarification on that upcoming Spanish assignment. You can never go wrong with this comfortable, casual outfit! Always remember, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, especially in the company of those you’re trying to impress!

What To Wear Your First Week On Campus

9. Going on a date? Going out with the girls? Try this look!

Keep it light and breezy with a flowy top, ripped jeans, and wedges for an effortless look! Pair this outfit with a cute pair of earrings and handbag and you are going to look amazing! Swap out pieces as needed in order to fit the date location and the weather. This outfit is also perfect for dinner or a night out with your new friends from class or from down the hall!
What To Where Your First Week On Campus

10. You ran out of clean clothes. What now?

By the time you get around to doing laundry for the first time after living on campus for weeks, you will probably have nothing left to wear while you wash your other clothes. No one will pay attention to what you wear when you go back and forth between your room and the laundry room, so break out your favorite sweatpants and comfy sports bra!What To Wear Your First Week On Campus

What outfits would you wear during your first week of college? Share them in the comments!

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