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What to Wear for “Netflix and Chill”

What to Wear for “Netflix and Chill”

So you’ve been asked to “Netflix and chill,” and you’ve giddily accepted. Now for the hard part…what do you wear?! You don’t want to waltz into his room, cleavage in full force – where’s the mystery in that? No, ladies, your Netflix and chill partner must earn the right to see what your working with. The perfect Netflix and chill outfit is all about creating a balance, the right mixture of sexy and cute. By keeping your initial look a little more modest, you create a sense of allure; what are you hiding under that girl next door facade??

The Perfect Balance

The key is finding an outfit that’s comfy enough for the Netflix part, yet transitional enough for the “and chill.” A pair of fitted sweats not only hug your curves in all the right ways, but can easily slip on (and off).



And Chill:


Pajama Sets

If you don’t want to go the sweatpants route, how about a thermal set. The super soft material is perfect to cuddle up next to your partner, while the snugness of the ensemble is just enough to hint what’s underneath.



And Chill:


Let’s Get Festive

Or you could go for a more effortless look and throw on a cute, festive shirt and some leggings. Casual enough to get you to his room, easy enough to remove once your inside. Plus, t-shirts are always good to have lying around…you know…after “and chill.”




And Chill


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For Just Netflix Without The Chill

But of course, if you’re like me and “Netflix and chill” means a long night snuggled up in bed (alone) with a warm cup of tea, a plate full of cookies and a marathon of House of Cards; a cozy sweater and comfy leggings are just what you need 😉


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