What To Wear For Graduation

Everything you need to know when it comes to what to wear for graduation! Dresses, rompers and wedges are perfect to wear to a graduation ceremony!

Graduation day is one of the most important and exciting days of our lives to look forward to. And when that day finally comes we know that, for a few seconds, all eyes will be on us as we gracefully make our way from one side of the stage to the other. That’s why deciding what to wear on this very day can take weeks of planning. With all the pictures that will be taken and all the people you will see, your outfit choice is super important. Two other important factors are comfortability and the weather. So below, we will explain more in depth what’s a good idea and what isn’t when it comes to what to wear for graduation! So take a deep breath and relax, you got this!

These are great outfit ideas for what to wear for graduation!

Your Outfit

A Dress

One good option for graduation day is a cute summer dress. The keys to picking out the right dress are, first, making sure it’s comfortable to sit/stand in for a few hours. You don’t wan’t any itchy fabrics rubbing you the wrong way, zippers digging into your side, or that suffocating feeling that results from a tight dress.

These dresses are perfect examples of what to wear for graduation!


Go for something flowy that will give you room to move and room to breathe. If it’s really hot out, you’re going to sweat so keep that in mind.

Keep it simple. Solid bright colors and pastels are perfect for graduation dresses. Simple floral prints and lace are also great options! Try not to go too sexy, you don’t need grandma seeing everything that you’re workin’ with!

Dresses to try:




…Or A Romper

Rompers are another great option for graduation day. They’re flowy, comfortable and easy to pair with everything! As mentioned before, stick with simple colors and patterns, nothing too over the top.


This romper is perfect for if you are wondering what to wear for graduation!  This romper is perfect for if you are wondering what to wear for graduation!

Lace, chiffon, or the off-the-shoulder style are all cute and appropriate styles for the big day!

No matter what you decide to wear, make sure it lies nicely underneath your gown so there’s no weird bulging or pulling!


Rompers to try:



Your Shoes

Ballet Flats

Lucky for you, ballet flats are having a serious moment right now! No more stressing about tripping and falling in your heels as you cross the stage, because why wear heels when you can wear these adorable and comfy flats?! These are the perfect option for pairing with a simple dress or romper and can instantly dress up any look! Whether you prefer the lace up style, the ankle strap or the classic flat, they’re all so cute! And the best part is, by the end of the day your feet won’t feel like they’re going to fall off!

This outfit is perfect for if you are wondering what to wear for graduation!


Try these flats:





Okay, just because we’re big fans of the ballet flats doesn’t mean we don’t love a good wedge! If you do prefer to add some height to your outfit on the big day, then go for it! Just try to be mindful of how your foot sits in the shoe. If you feel your foot pushing forward, the shoe probably won’t be too comfortable to last an entire day. We suggest aiming for a wedge with a thick heel and some structure to keep your foot positioned in place. This will ensure that there’s enough support on your heel so that your feet won’t be begging to be set free by the end of the ceremony.

These wedges are perfect for if you are wondering what to wear for graduation!

Try these foot-friendly wedges:




*Bonus Tip!

These foot pads are definitely a great idea if you know you’re going to be on your feet for a lengthy amount of time! They work wonders if you’re prone to aching feet from wearing heels, (I can tell you this from experience!) They can go in any shoe; wedges, heels or flats and will provide much needed relief for the big day!

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Your Accessories, Hair And Makeup

My biggest tip is to keep all three of these simple and sophisticated. You’re going to get photographed a lot, so you don’t want any flashy or bulky jewelry taking away from your gorgeous “I just graduated!” smile. Likewise for hair and makeup; don’t go too crazy with bright eyeshadow colors or crazy hair designs. After all, you want to look like you on your graduation day. That way you can show off your proudest accomplishments years down the road without cringing when you look back on the photos!

This simple hair and makeup look is perfect for graduation day!   What to wear to graduation - simple makeup brown eyeshadow


Cute Accessories To Add:







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