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What To Pack In A Care Package For Your Long Distance Boo

What To Pack In A Care Package For Your Long Distance Boo

Long distance is hard, but a package showing you’re still thinking of your significant other adds a little light to their day. Whether they’re working somewhere far away, they’re in school, they’ve caught a cold, or you’re celebrating your anniversary from far away, we’ve got something for everyone. Here are some ideas of what to include in a long distance care package to put a smile on their face from miles away. 

Gift card

Pick up a gift card to a restaurant near your university, from your hometown, or somewhere else significant that not only will they be able to use, but can think of you while they enjoy it. Maybe it’s your favorite coffee shop that you two used to go to together, or you’re sending them somewhere to figure out the best foods that you two can visit once you’re physically together again. 

Printed photos

Print out photos from when you last were together, or one of your favorite memories together. You can slip these into an envelope inside the package, or stick them along the insides of the box so they act as a liner. How cute is that! They can they put them up around their space, and be reminded of you!


What To Pack In A Care Package For Your Long Distance Boo

Hand-written notes

Pull out the old notebook and pen, and write your boo a love letter! It can be romantic, funny, reminiscing on old memories, or even a collection of those “Open when…” envelopes. Everyone has got a unique handwriting, and this is just another way  for them to have a piece of you with them.

A reminder of you

Maybe you’re known for a specific snack you’re always snacking on, or a perfume you always wear. Spray the package with that perfume! Or stuff some of the snack inside. A small reminder of you, it’s like you’re still offering to share your fav snack with them, even from a distance.



One of my favorite things, I figured this needed it’s own shoutout. Imagine opening a package and immediately smelling fresh coffee. Go to a coffee shop and grab a package of coffee grounds. Who can’t a fresh bag of Joe? Whether they’re a college student or in the workforce, let’s be honest, we all run on coffee. 

What To Pack In A Care Package For Your Long Distance Boo


Another classic, pick up some snacks maybe they haven’t had yet, that they may like trying! Or maybe there are certain snacks that you know will remind them of a very specific time you guys had together. There might even be something that you’ve talked about trying together, but never got a chance to. Grab some for you and some for your boo, and you can virtually try them together.


Invite to a virtual date

Okay this may sound a bit cheesy but hear me out. How romantic would it be if you wrote up an invitation to them for a virtual date night with you! Pour a glass of wine and set up your computer for a video call date. In the care package you can even include some snacks and drinks for them to enjoy during the date as well. Playing cards, or another game set, could be fun to include as something you can do together during this time! 

What To Pack In A Care Package For Your Long Distance Boo

Disinfection supplies 

Just reading the room on this one, but Covid-19 has taken over the way we do a lot of seemingly normal things in our lives. If you somehow can find disinfecting wipes, throw those in a care package, with some other cleaning supplies and paper towels. This idea is coming to me literally as I’m writing this, but matching face masks? Hello? How cute would that be!  


What To Pack In A Care Package For Your Long Distance Boo

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Something local

Whether you’re sending your package from your university, hometown or somewhere you relocated to, find something from wherever you are that is represented of that place and send it on over. Maybe it’s a shirt or mug from your university bookstore. It could also be some baked goodies from a local bakery in your town. Maybe something as simple as a post card! A note that shows that while you’re in a different place of them, you’re still thinking of them. 


Study aids

If your boo is a student, odds are they could definitely use some school supplies. What student can’t use more? Some flash cards, pens, pencils, highlighters, gum, and little snacks all make the perfect study care package. Studying isn’t fun, but you can help make it a bit more manageable. A bonus long distance tip: Study dates! Set up a video call and have it just up in the background as you each do work in the company of each other. 


Long distance means they likely have a place of their own right now. Help them out with decorating that space by sending over things like throw blankets, decorative pillows, candles and wall decor. Make a shared Pinterest board and you can both contribute to it to get a sense of what they may be looking for in their space, and then help make that space become a reality!

First aid

Is your significant other complaining of a cold they just came down with? Are their seasonal allergies hitting hard? Put together a care package of all things to help them get together. Cough drops, other medicines, comfy socks, a cozy sweater, and even a new stuffed animal can all help brighten the day of someone who isn’t feeling 100%. While you aren’t with them to help them feel better, picking up these small things can help them still get better, even while you’re from a distance. 


What To Pack In A Care Package For Your Long Distance Boo


Did you snag one of their shirts a while ago they they keep hinting they miss? Surprise them by sending it back! Don’t want to part with it? I totally get that. Pick up something that can replace that empty spot in their closet. Maybe they’ll forget about that shirt they “leant” you. 😉 

What would your significant other want to see in a care package? Let us know!