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What To Know For Your First Tailgate Experience

What To Know For Your First Tailgate Experience

What To Know For Your First Tailgate Experience

Game day is coming around and it’s time to tailgate! For those of you who haven’t been to a college tailgate; it’s a blast, but there’s a right way to do it. Here are a few things to keep in mind during those exciting game days.

1. Leggings/layering are no go’s.

Yes, there are tents for shade, but this does not mean you should wear your cutest set. Keep your outfit to a pair of shorts and a school pride shirt. This will ensure you to keep you cool and still

2. Hot sun +Alcohol = Hydrate!

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3. Make sure you have a set ride home waiting for you at the end of each tailgate.

Walking to that after-tailgate-party in the blistering sun with a belly full of alcohol will be a miserable experience… I promise.

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4. Keep track of your intake.

Most likely, nobody is going to be bringing around shot glasses to portion out your liquor. You WILL be taking pulls from bottles if you plan to drink. Just stay conscious of how you’re feeling and take it slow, remember that you will be in that parking lot for 3 to 4 hours.

 drinking alcohol whiskey whisky animal house GIF 5. Bring YOUR OWN water bottle.

Whether it’s filled with booze or water. (See number 2)

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6.  Beer bongs (or shotgunning) will your best friend and your worst enemy.

Make sure that your wearing something that you’re comfortable with getting soaked with beer (from experience). I’m helping you out now so there aren’t any surprises when the nozzle goes flying everywhere before it even gets to your mouth.

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7. Videos and pictures will be taken constantly.

Remember who you are and how you want to be presented. I sound like a parent, but I’m just looking out for ya.

 meme memes keeping up with the kardashians kardashians kris jenner GIF8. Most people don’t even go to the games after the tailgate.

I can’t say this goes for everyone, but my friends and I started out going to the each game, but either ended up leaving before the game or continued to tailgate during the game. It’s all about your preference. Everyone should experience a college football game (or whatever sport) at least once in their college career.

9. Most importantly, HAVE FUN YOU HOOLIGANS!

College is your one time in between teenager-ness and adult-ness to be stupid and have the time of your life. Have fun out there and enjoy the game (or not)!

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Tell us about your first tailgate! Drop us a line!!
What To Know For Your First Tailgate Experience
This is everything you need to know for your first tailgate experience!
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