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What To Have At Easter Brunch

What To Have At Easter Brunch

Easter brunch has to be one of the best times of the year to enjoy a big meal. A brunch, in general, gives you the option of having sweet or savory foods which can be dangerous for those of us with a sweet tooth. Now, throwing a holiday into the mix gives everyone an even bigger reason to eat, drink, and celebrate! Check out these ideas for what to serve at your Easter brunch this year.

1. Mimosa Bar

You can absolutely never go wrong with a mimosa bar. A mimosa bar is the best because you get to bring a bunch of different juices into the mix. And, a great way to make the mimosa bar kid-friendly is having bottles of sparkling cider they can make fancy with the juices provided.


2. Deviled Eggs

This is an Easter must! The entire holiday focuses on eggs and the Easter bunny, so, having an egg dish must be in the mix of your Easter brunch buffet. Plus, you can never go wrong with deviled eggs! There are always one or two people who absolutely love them and will eat them right up.

3. Grapefruit, Honey, and Rosemary Smash

This is a refreshing citrus drink that you can make with vodka or bourbon. All the other ingredients are in the name! It gets the name “mash” because you add all of these ingredients into a pitcher and quite literally mash it together. It gives you a bittersweet drink that you can enjoy all brunch.


4. Breakfast Sausage

Obviously, you’ve gotta get your protein mixed into this buffet. You can never go wrong with sausage, especially because you can do so much with sausage that it doesn’t have to be eaten just with breakfast. It’s a greasy and delicious side that you can eat all on its own!


5. Flower Shaped Tea Sandwiches

This is a fun dish to have if you have a lot of kids at your Easter brunch. Or adults who like their food cut out into shapes, we don’t judge! By choosing one to two types of sandwiches and using a large cookie cutter to get the shape, you get aesthetically pleasing sandwiches that people can enjoy. 

6. Dogwood Punch

This is a rosé based drink. Add some strawberries, strawberry lemonade, grenadine, and lemon to your favorite sparkling rosé and I guarantee you won’t know how to act. You and everyone else will be able to down this like it’s juice.


7. Bite-Sized Avocado Toast

This is a great thing to have at brunch! First of all, who doesn’t love toast? Second, adding some mashed, seasoned avocado on top is truly a match made in heaven. Then making it into bite-sized pieces won’t make you feel guilty for you much you’re about to consume. Avocado toast is the most simple thing that you could have at an Easter brunch. What’s also so great about it is that you can make it as complicated as you want, too. It’s up to your preference and what you want for that day!


8. Marinated Squash Tart

Take some puff pastry and add some thin slices of sautéed squash on top of a ricotta and goat cheese spread. This is a zesty light dish that will be sure to be a hit. The flaky dough mixed with a fluffy cheese mixture and the squash? Chefs kiss, baby. This is a dish that you will continue to think about days after Easter brunch.

9. Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad

Another light dish that is a great thing to have on the brunch list. This is something that you could truly add any of your favorite vegetables to. Take your raw brussel sprouts and shave them into a bowl, add whatever vegetable you desire, and toss it in a light vinaigrette. This is something that you will be able to eat a lot of. 


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10. Flaky Biscuits

This is a must-have at brunch. There is no better finishing touch on a plate than a warm, buttered biscuit. You can leave it plain or add some honey if you’d like. And absolutely don’t feel bad about eating more than one!


11. Chicken and Waffles

The best sweet and savory combination. This is something that will satisfy everyone at your Easter brunch. Set up an assembly line at one of the ends of the tables so the waffles and chicken don’t soggy sitting in syrup and watch those plates fill up with this delicious treat. 


12. Fruit Salad

This is an obvious dish choice for brunch. A fruit salad just adds a light aspect to everyone’s plate. Plus, when it becomes spring, it becomes a season for a lot of different fruit you can’t normally get in the winter. So, you can take your favorite cut-up fruits and toss them with some lemon or lime juice in a big bowl.

13. Blueberry Glazed Doughnuts

Pastries are a must at any brunch! This is an unspoken rule that everyone knows. So why not take a trusted and loved pastry and add a special twist on it. These can either be doughnuts that you make homemade, or you buy plain from the store. Then you find the easiest blueberry glaze recipe and dip those bad boys in there. Because blueberries are not too sweet, the sweet dough of the doughnut and slightly tart taste of the blueberry will make these a hit on Easter morning.


14. Sticky Caramel Pecan Buns

Your mouth will be watering from the second you start to make these till they’re out of the oven. These are a step up from the average cinnamon roll. Because of the caramel that you pour on top of these when making them, the bottom of the rolls becomes this slightly crunchy and sweet texture while the center and top of the roll take on that chewy caramel that everyone loves. 

What food and drinks do you have at Easter brunch? Drop your recipes below!