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What To Get Your S.O. This Valentine’s Day If You Just Started Dating

What To Get Your S.O. This Valentine’s Day If You Just Started Dating

What Valentine’s Day gift do you buy someone you just started dating without making things too weird or too serious? What gifts possibly evoke that ease and casualness but still say “I’m in it for the long run”? Well, the perfect present is always a Society19 online listing away! 

1. A Novel

The safest route to someone’s heart is understanding their interests and what type of entertainment they enjoy. A present that represents those interests is a very casual way to impress your significant other. More often than not, a coffee table book is exactly what they (and by extension, you) are looking for.

Pick out a book they’ve been meaning to read on their bucket list or pick one out based on what you know of their taste. If neither can be discerned the internet has tons of reference material on what novels are worth reading!

What To Get Your S.O. This Valentine’s Day If You Just Started Dating

2. Special Key Chains

Not the most impressive gift for a significant other on Valentine’s Day, but this is meant to be about gifts for people you’ve just started dating. Key chains can come in all sorts of wonderful or funny varieties, especially if they’re bought from somewhere special.

The dollar store next to the Wal Mart does not compare to the gift store at your local museum. Finding a key chain means you must take the time to find a unique one made with effort.

3. Theme Park Tickets

A theme park would be the perfect surprise trip you and your S.O. could have at such an early stage in your relationship! Theme parks not only make for wonderful gifts, but they offer so many activities to do that make for great bonding experiences! You’ll get to know them way better by figuring out what they can handle and what they love to do at theme parks.

At the very least, going to a theme park on Valentine’s Day will create exciting memories!

What To Get Your S.O. This Valentine’s Day If You Just Started Dating


4. Jackets And Sweaters

Buying clothes for each other seems a bit much when it’s still a fresh relationship, but jackets and sweaters are actually a pretty casual gift, all things considered. They come in all styles, fashions, and textures, so there’s an assortment to choose from!

What’s more, if you’re buying a boyfriend a sweater, it technically counts as a gift for yourself, as well! Ever heard of the boyfriend sweater?

5. Electronic Accessories

People just can’t live without their electronics in this day and age. Who can blame them? Nowadays, living in the world requires access to electronic devices at all times. This Valentine’s Day, consider any selection of electronic accessories that your S.O. will most definitely need. 

Whatever you choose has to be a step up from plain old earphones, though. Try for some noise-canceling headphones, portable chargers, or even AirPods depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

6. Streaming Kits

The streaming wars have begun and we’re right in the middle of it. With all these streaming services all over the place, an awesome gift for Valentine’s Day would be a Roku Media Player or Amazon Fire Stick. There’s already Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Curiosity Stream, Amazon Prime, and cable apps. Within the coming months, we’ll be getting HBOMax, Peacock, and even more streaming services! Better buy this one out of sheer convenience!

What To Get Your S.O. This Valentine’s Day If You Just Started Dating

7. Some Cute Succulents

Plants can be a highly demanding gift for someone you’re barely getting to know, so a better alternative can be succulents! They’re low maintenance and require little attention. Plus, they’re cute as heck. They’re small, round, and vulnerable. Succulents are like children without the commitment to everything.

Succulents are great home decor, too. They may be form-over-function, but these little plants have a winning charm to them! 

8. Gift Box Of Chocolates

Step up and don’t rely on old cliches as your S.O.’s gift… except this time, do! An assorted box of chocolates may be tacky and overdone, but so what? It’s chocolate! Unless your partner doesn’t have a sweet tooth, there’s nothing wrong with a box of chocolates to get a delicious reaction out of them.

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Don’t settle for cheap boxes though, buy the expensive stuff! Chocolates are only an exception to the cliche if they’re made well. The M&M’s party size bag isn’t nearly on the same level as See’s Candies’ assorted chocolate box, after all.

9. Coffee Mugs

They’re cute, they’re quaint, and they have lots of personalities. Coffee Mugs are a nice and simple Valentine’s Day gift that can be had at any time of day. They’re not even used for coffee by many people! They can be stylized to fit with his favorite TV show or have a sassy quote she saw on the internet. Mugs are a seriously great gift to come by.

10. Video Games

We all like video games! Console games, computer games, even apps count as games! The rising demand and appeal for video games keep increasing so it’s very likely your S.O. will have an interest in video games.

There’s such a variety of games with different play mechanics, from Animal Crossing to DOOM, so there’s no shortage of choices to pick from this category!

11. Skincare and Hygienic Products

Regardless if you’re shopping for a man or woman, looking good and clean is not an option in life! Make sure your partner stays just as sexy as you like them to be by gifting them with a beautiful healthy look this Valentine’s Day.

Whatever skincare product or hygienic equipment you choose as a gift, hopefully, it doesn’t come off as insulting to the person you’re giving them to. It’s very important to remember how the delivery and execution of this item goes! 

12. Gifts For Their Pets

How are you going to love someone if you aren’t going to show that same attention and care to their pets? Come on, people! Pets, whether they’re dogs, cats, birds, or rodents, mean something to their owners. Valentine’s Day is more than just love for your partner, it’s also about the love you can afford to give everyone, including animals!

If you want to casually prove to someone you care about them, you have to care about Fido, too.

What To Get Your S.O. This Valentine’s Day If You Just Started Dating

Make sure you get the right gift for your new relationship this Valentine’s Day! Comment below to tell us what items you think are the perfect first-time presents!

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