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What To Get A Sibling Who Has Everything This Holiday Season

Everyone has a sibling that is particularly hard to shop for—no matter their age or social status. It seems that, every holiday season, the sibling always has everything they could ever desire. While some siblings might be envious of their sibling’s good fortune, the truly most frustrating thing is simply trying to shop for their sibling properly—without resorting to sticking some cash in an envelope with a card and calling it a day, that it. Even through going the gift-card route might be a tempting option for some, with this list of holiday gifts, you’ll finally be able to find fun and unique gifts that any sibling will love this holiday season!

1. Jusalpha Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot

This small planet stand is a great gift for any sibling, offering a domestic bit of nature to any concrete jungle environment. The Jusalpha Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot would look great on any sibling’s professional desk, a dorm room, or in their kitchen window at home. The vertical style of the plant pot speaks to a modern, yet timeless, style of design that adds a level of sophistication to any work or living space. The plant pot is the perfect size to hold up to three succulents. Succulents plants are a great gift to give any sibling because they are adapted to living in harsh environments; so, whether your sibling has a natural gift at keeping plants alive or kills every plant with so much as a funny look, a gift of succulent plants is sure to be treasured for many holidays to come.      

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2. Sand & Rock Zen Garden Kit

This Sand & Rock Zen Garden Kit is a great gift for any sibling, providing the chance to nurture a miniature rock garden. The inspired rock garden provides a calming, contained environment that would be a nice addition to the workspace or home of your sibling. With a tiny wooden rake provided, the Sand & Rock Zen Garden will offer anyone the chance to have their own sense of gardening bliss. Using the tiny wooden rake to push sand around can provide a sense of tranquility and peace. The Sand & Rock garden is the perfect size to bring a decorative flair to any home! With this garden kit, your sibling is sure to impress anyone that walks into their home. 

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3. totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

The totes signature clear bubble umbrella is a great gift for any sibling living in a particularly rainy environment. The clear umbrella offers optimal range of vision without exposing the user to any harsh wind, rain, or snow. The cute and unique bird design surrounding the bubble face also provides an individual design that easily leads character to any sibling wardrobe. The totes Signature bubble umbrella is a great gift for any sibling of any age, and adds a classic flair to any look. While this author is partial to the bird design, the totes collection offers a wide range of bubble umbrellas—so you can easily find the perfect umbrella to gift your sibling this holiday season!   

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4. Oh No! Not You Again Doormat

The Oh No! Not You Again doormat is the perfect gift for the most comedic sibling in the family. The durable fabric top offers a great alternative to remove debris from the undersides of shoes. This humorous doormat will offer a fun glimpse into your comedic sibling’s personality. Great for dorm rooms, first apartments, or any type of dwelling, the Oh No! doormat will keep unwanted guests away and welcome friends and family with a chuckle. The natural design makes this doormat usable all year, and the durable fabric allows for the doormat to withstand any type of harsh weather. The Oh No! doormat makes for a great gift for any sibling this holiday season.  

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5. Chinese Traditional Wooden Lock Logic Puzzle

The Chinese Traditional Wooden Lock Logic Puzzle is a great gift for any sibling that is a fan of puzzles. Compact and portable, this is gift lends itself to travel easily. One of the best features of the Chinese Traditional Lock Logic Puzzle is the fact that the puzzle should not be a singular operation. While it is possible to complete the Lock Logic Puzzle on your own, the puzzle is more fun to figure out as a group. This not only makes it a great gift for a siblings to try out together, but something that can be gifted at a company team building session. The wooden lock puzzle would make a great gift for any creative sibling as well, as the level of intellect required to complete the puzzle correctly will stimulate any creative brain.    

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6. 2-Drawer Natural Bamboo Desk Organizer Storage Station

The 2-Drawer Natural Bamboo desk organizer storage station is a great gift for any sibling this holiday season. The compact size make it perfect to place on any professional desk, home office, or dorm room. With an expandable bookshelf feature and two drawers, this natural bamboo organizer is as practical as it is stylish. The drawer will easily accommodate small office supplies and the bookshelf feature is great for any size book, papers, or even binders. While the original function is as a desk organizer, the 2-Drawer Natural Bamboo Desk Organizer functions well in any room of the home. Put it in the entryway, the kitchen, the bathroom—this hamdy little organizer does it all! This organizer is not only great for your messy sibling, but even the most organized sibling will be demanding to know where they can get their hands in this neat little organizer. The simple and elegant design will make a fun and functional gift for any sibling.      

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Now you’ll be able to buy fun and exciting gifts for your sibling this holiday season. What unique gifts do you like to share with your sibling? Comment below and don’t forget to share!

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