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What To Expect If You Have A Sibling In A Relationship

What To Expect If You Have A Sibling In A Relationship

When you get in a relationship, a lot in your life changes as does a lot about you as a person. However, often we think of ourselves in a relationship and not how our relationship might have an impact on other people, especially the people who are dearest to us. My brother and I are extremely close and are more like best friends. I still remember the first time he brought a girl home. I wasn’t happy about it. I felt awkward and didn’t know how to react around her, and I have to confess, I was overcome by a jealousy so strong I didn’t even want to look at her. But that was just a sign of my immaturity, for so long growing up I had been used to having my brother all to myself, and quite frankly, I wasn’t prepared to share him. Your relationship might alter with your sibling when they get in a relationship, and you might notice things about them or yourself change as a result. This article will give you a heads up on what to expect if you have a sibling in a relationship:

1. They won’t have as much time for you.

Your sibling won’t be avoiding you on purpose, but they will have to split their time between their new partner and you, as well as the rest of your family, their friends and other commitments. The lack of quality sibling time might diminish but their feelings for you won’t. As much as they love their new partner, it won’t beat the love they have for you. A little bit of distance can be healthy for your sibling relationship because it can prepare you for later adult life when both of you have left the family home and will have to work even harder to see each other. A little space will also mean that when you do see your sibling, it will be much nicer and you will savour it more. Top tip: plan things to do together on the nights your sibling isn’t staying at their partner’s house.

What To Expect If You Have A Sibling In A Relationship

2. They will talk about their partner A LOT.

This is especially true if your sibling is experiencing a relationship for the first time. They might become a little obsessed with their new partner and literally eat, sleep and breathe their relationship. So expect your sibling to bring up their partner’s name in every conversation and talk about them constantly. This can be extremely annoying but point it out to them in a jokey way or even create a code word or action if they do it too much. Your sibling will be in their own little bubble for a while, but it is important that you keep them grounded and living in the world of reality!

What To Expect If You Have A Sibling In A Relationship

3. You will realise how grown up they are (if they’re younger than you).

The moment you see your younger sibling in a relationship you will be overwhelmed with how grown up they’ve become, even though in your head you still see them as the little toddler curled up beside you in bed after a nightmare… When your sibling gets in a relationship you will see the future flash before your eyes and note it down as a key milestone out of many in their lives such as moving out, getting married, and even having their own children.

What To Expect If You Have A Sibling In A Relationship

4. You will become insanely protective.

This is regardless of whether you are the younger or older sibling. Your sibling’s happiness and wellbeing is your main priority above anything else. You will find yourself being extra protective over your sibling when they get into a relationship, and see it as your job to ensure they don’t get hurt, or if they do, that you are there to pick up the pieces.

What To Expect If You Have A Sibling In A Relationship

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4. You can potentially gain a friend (or an enemy).

When you have sibling in a relationship it can go either one of two ways: you will either like and get on with your sibling’s partner, or you won’t see eye to eye. The best case scenario obviously is that you get on and this can be great; the prospect of gaining a new friend and learning to also love your sibling’s partner is really beautiful and it will mean the world to your sibling if you get on with their partner too. There is every chance that you will be more likely to get on with them because let’s face it, you’d hope your sibling wouldn’t go out with anyone horrible!

What To Expect If You Have A Sibling In A Relationship

5. Sharing your family life.

When you have a sibling in a relationship, it will open your family life up to exposure. Again, this can be a really beautiful experience as you welcome your sibling’s partner round to dinner, invite them to participate in family traditions, and bond over sharing embarrassing stories about your sibling. Gaining a new family member can be a blessing as there is always enough love to go round.

What To Expect If You Have A Sibling In A Relationship

So there you have it, a few things you can expect if you have a sibling in a relationship. Can you think of anything else? If so, then answer in the comments section below.

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