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What To Expect From The Fashion Weeks Coming Up This Fall

What To Expect From The Fashion Weeks Coming Up This Fall

Twice a year, every year people around the world are graced by the elegance and creativity of Fashion Week. This week is a marvel and sets the tone for fashions for seasons to follow, establishing trends in both style and color. This fall, fashion houses around the world will be showcasing their collections for the spring/summer 2020 season, leaving everyone who gets a chance to see them in awe.

This Season’s Inspirations

According to numerous fashion related blogs and websites, the largest sources of inspiration for the collection to be shown at fashion weeks this fall is the beauty of nature and environmental consciousness. 

We’ve all seen the large scale push for sustainability in fashion and overall environmental conscientiousness in every other Twitter thread or hashtag, so it is really no surprise that fashion designers are taking inspiration from current affairs and showing it in their collections.

A lot of fashion designers tend to bring in whatever is on the collective consciousness to their collections. Take, for example, the Pyer Moss show last fall that made statements regarding the relationship between people of color and the police force.


The Color Forecast

Every year, blogs and color forecasters pick out the colors that will most likely permeate the runways and the shelves for the season to come. This year the color palette is exceptionally tropical.

The first color up in the forecast is neo-mint. This color has been called the successor of millennial pink and it is honestly such a cute color that I absolutely can;t wait to see during these fashion weeks. The color is almost a pistachio green but with just a bit more blue on it. In the spring and summer, this super bright color will look great against sun kissed skin.

The second color brought up in these forecasts for these fashion weeks is cantaloupe. This pink peach color is another amazing and bright summer color. This pink pairs especially well with the neo-mint. The two colors together almost create the same look as a slightly desaturated watermelon.

The third color for fashion weeks is mellow yellow. This color is the trend evolution from the canary yellow and mustard yellow that had been seen in previous fashion weeks.


The last color that was brought up in the forecasts for fashion weeks was cassis. This purple hue is an evolution of the super popular lavender shades of previous seasons.

neo mint visualization

The Silhouettes and Shapes 

In the upcoming fashion weeks, many of the pieces to be seen will have a lot of nature and safari based silhouettes. Expect to see a lot of structured jackets, shirts, and shorts to come down the runway this fall. 

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Broad shoulders and cinched waists will also play a part with the flowery silhouettes of many dresses. 

Structured shorts and shirt silhouette

Shows That Follow This Forecast

There are always some shows from previous seasons and fashion weeks that seem to fit into the forecast for the upcoming fashion weeks. Some of the shows that have been referenced in the concept boards for the fall fashion weeks are the Taglia Pietre SS15 show and the Etro SS19 show.

Both of shows feature the colors that are forecaste to take the center stage during the fashion weeks this fall and the former really utilizes the structured silhouette that many will be looking for un the runway during these fashion weeks.


Look From The Taglia Pietra SS15 Show

This fall fashion week will serve as the inspiration for so many pieces that we will be seeing for the SS20 fashion cycle. What are the pieces and styles that you will be looking forward to seeing on the runways this fall?

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