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What To Do Around UTD When You’re Broke AF

College life can be a little rough. All of a sudden you have to plan your day, go to class, pay for books, tuition—all that jazz can leave you feeling a little broke. A lot broke rather, but remember that you’re fellow classmates are going through a similar situation. It’s inevitable, so here are a couple of tips on things to do and places to visit that are fun and entertaining near the UT Dallas campus most importantly they are also very doable on a budget. Keep reading to find out what to do when you’re broke AF at UTD.

1. Have a Netflix binge.

It goes unsaid that you know someone who has it and has shared his or her login info with a load of people. Treasure this information.

2. Find a new favorite book at the Dallas Public Library.

There are 29 locations across the DFW area and not only are they free but also each library will offer a variety of free and low-cost classes and events.


3. Visit the Dallas Museum of Art & Nasher Scupture Center.

Admission is free yo! Every day is free, special exhibitions do cost. Always remember they close at 5 pm.


4. Take advantage of half price books.

Don’t miss out on spending a day amongst books you can browse, read, access to free Wi-Fi and free coffee! Most locations also host events such as book signings, farmer’s markets, book clubs, story time, book readings and outdoor movies.

5. Nickel Rama

Arcade games galore! Take your pick from any of the game machines available, bring a couple of buddies, build up a challenge you name it. Each play is only 5 cents.


6. Cinemark Movies 10

No need to miss the movie-going experience when Movies 10 is only a few minutes away from campus. Tickets range from $3-5 dollars.


7. Join a recreation center!

The city of Richardson has a lot of community events available for everyone such as art and music festivals, holiday parades, marathons. In addition, the parks and trails where you can enjoy a nice breath of fresh air, play some ultimate Frisbee, hike, bike and picnic with friends.


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8. Free movie screenings!

Sign up for movie theatre newsletters –several times a month they will have free screenings of upcoming movies! Free movies are the best when you’re broke AF at UTD!


9. Dining on a budget.

Local eateries in the area particularly in Richardson’s Chinatown have a menu of delicious meals under $10, however most are cash-only.


10. Cheap pastries!

Mozart Bakery has very delicious and beautiful pastries of all shapes and flavors, in the evening most pastries and breads are extremely reduced.

11. Join an on-campus club.

Not only will it give you a break from studying, but also you’ll be able to spend time getting to know the on-campus community with your similar interests. Many on-campus clubs will partner with organizations to volunteer during events around the city.

What do you like to do when you’re broke AF at UTD? Comment below and share the article!
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Rosario Rosales

Rosario is a Dallas based writer who enjoys a good cup of coffee and nice slice of cheese. She is writing a Young Adult Fantasy novel. When she's not writing she does yoga and bakes intricate pastries.

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