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What To Do Around Chapman University When You’re Broke AF

What To Do Around Chapman University When You’re Broke AF


As I was walking through campus and everyone was buzzing around campus going about their lives I heard at least three people blurt out some of the saddest words, “I’m poor.” The inspiration of these words brought me to research free things to do around Chapman since we all need a fun break from our studies without draining our pocket books. Keep reading for what to do when you’re broke AF at Chapman University.

1. Take a trip to the beach

Since Chaptown is in the heart of Southern California and surf city USA, I have come to assume that most students who attend love the beach. The great thing about the beach is that it is free and the great thing about Chapman is that everyone has at least one friend who is willing to drive and will (hopefully) not ask for gas money.



2. A walk around the Orange Circle.

One of the most famous charms about Chapman is the iconic Orange circle. Filled with shops, tons of food and cute antiques it is sure to please. But if you are like me, a poor college student, you walk around and enjoy the southern charm with a couple pals and enjoy the street performers and free boths occasionally offered.


3. Get your inner zen on

SunSpark yoga provides a free yoga class for the first class. So why not decompress your stress and get your zen on!


4. Go on a hike!

Whether it’s beautiful Laguna Beach or the hills of Irvine a nice hike is the way to go! It’s a good way to disconnect and spend time with friends and keep off that freshman 15 from all the caf cookies we all consume.

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5. Think outside of the box

Why not think outside of the box and broaden your understanding of topics you didn’t know about when you’re broke AF at Chapman University?! How you might ask? Visit a museum! The Bowers Museum in Anaheim shows human understanding through art and is sure to please.


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