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What To Do When You’re Bored And Stuck At Home

So here you are, stuck wondering what to do when you’re bored at home. Want to know how I know you are really truly bored? You took the time to find an article on what to do when you are bored. Do not worry baby bird, for I will feed you, here is our list of the best things to do when you are bored and stuck at home.


So you ask me what to do when you’re bored, well I am honored you came to me. Well, this one works for groups as well as solo. Why not crack open the old board game closet? When was the last time you played a game of Monopoly? That will pass time for sure. If you’re alone, grab a deck of cards and play solitaire. If you don’t know how to play, take the time to learn! Personally though, my favorite kind of game is video… I hook up my Nintendo Switch and will play Mario Kart for hours. Go ahead and plug in your console and grab the sticks, for this will keep you busy for hours.


Here’s the obvious one, watch a movie! You can’t tell me there’s a movie you keep telling yourself you are gonna watch, but haven’t yet. Take this free time of boredom to indulge in a cinematic masterpiece. Even if you do not feel like getting deep into a story… just pop in a crappy movie or something that you have not seen in years. Even see what’s trending on Netflix & Hulu. Hell, if you really want to go the extra mile, go check Redbox! There are so many options, you will find something to watch.

Jump Down Your Stairs

My mom was not a fan of this one when I was younger, but I see nothing wrong with this for the older kids. I used to set up two or three boxes at the bottom of my staircase, and cover it with as many blankets and pillows as I could. You want as many as possible. Then, my brother and I would battle to see who can jump from the highest step. I am proud to say I jumped from the highest step, but we spent so much time on that staircase that I still get tempted to jump today. 

Impromptu Bowling

So you are still wondering what to do when you’re bored, eh?This one was the perfect idea when I was babysitting my nieces and our power went out. With no electronics, I had to think quickly to keep the young ones entertained. I ended up cutting a box and laying it down in our hallway. I then took a 36-pack of water and set up 10 water bottles in the traditional bowling pin fashion. Finally, I grabbed an assortment of balls and other items from around the house, and boom! The rules of the game were simple, each person got two bowls to knock down all the pins. The catch however, was that the other one got to pick which item they used to bowl. You can take my word for it that watching a 3-year-old try to bowl with an old deflated football was exactly what I need to rid the trio of boredom.

Clean Out Storage Areas

Chances are, you have an area of your house that has a bunch of random junk in it. Take this opportunity to go through it and see what you have hidden away. Do you have an old closet that you have been meaning to go through? What about the garage? You might even have some old boxes you never went through, today is the day! You never know what you can find. Worst comes to worst, you find nothing cool but you have a new clean area to restart hoarding in!

Make a Fort

You know what, I’m going to say it… Forts are so much more fun to make as an adult. I am not sure if it is the fact that my older age helps my fort maintain more structural stability, or that since I am older I can use any pillow or blanket I want because I bought them. All I know is that a great way to waste time and relive your childhood innocence is by building a fort. I would suggest doing it with friends, but do not let anyone deter you from making a solo fort if your heart desires. This should not just go on the list of what to do when you’re bored, but also it is a cute surprise idea for your partner.

See Also

Rock Out

*Insert cliche clip from risky business here*

Chances are, you like music. Chances also are, if you are like me, you like your music to be extra loud. Hook up the aux cord and pump up the volume! Nothing will scare boredom away quite like rocking out to your favorite music. Country, rap, and heavy metal, it does not matter what you like. It’s your house, why not transfer it to your own personal concert venue?

Make a Video

Okay, so this one might not be for everybody. But the thing I do more than anything else when I have nothing else to do is make a video. Grab a camera, set it up, and just talk to it. Of course, no one will ever see it, so you can say anything you feel like. If you aren’t the talking into the camera type, that’s fine! But you can’t tell me you don’t have ANYTHING you can record. An added bonus is once you get enough footage, you can go through it all when you are bored. I have over a terabyte of random footage of me and my friends at our house, and it’s always a good time to go back through it all!


If everything else fails you and literally nothing else sounds fun, just sleep! Honestly, the reason you don’t want to do anything else is probably that you are tired. You keep asking what to do when you’re bored but ignoring your crankiness. Why not succumb to the sweet release of sleep? Do not let anyone tell you that you are “sleeping your life away”, as long as you get your daily duties done, then nap it up. 

What to do when you’re bored at home is a tough one, but hopefully, this list at least gave you a few new ideas. I also hope that reading this article alone made you “unbored” for a little bit at least. Did we forget any things you can do bored at home? If we did make sure to let us know down below!

Coby Cook

Senior at Central State University. Major in Broadcast Media!

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