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What To Do When You Miss College During The Summer

What To Do When You Miss College During The Summer

Here is a list for what to do when you miss college during the summer break! These tips will ensure that you enjoy every minute off campus.

All any college student can think about when the month of April is coming to an end is summer break. Usually everyone rejoices when finals are over and you can finally go home for four months. When you finally get home after a long day of traveling all you want to do is sleep! Then after a week or so you realize all you are doing is sleeping.. You wake up one day extremely bored and come to the realization that you wish you could go back to college (just without the work of course). Here’s what to do when you miss college to pass the time for the next four months of summer break!

Learn How To Cook

We all know how gross the dining hall can be and sometimes instead of eating at the dining hall you’ll find yourself eating chicken fingers and fries everyday with honey mustard because you feel like you have no other options. Then one day you look in the mirror and realize you’ve gained more than the freshman 15. Summer break is the perfect time to learn how to cook somewhat healthy foods so then when you get back to campus you won’t be afraid of gaining weight. There are ovens and stoves in the dorm buildings so you will never have to worry about not being able to cook!



Join A Gym

If you are saying that you have never thought about coming back to school shocking everyone with your new rocking body you are lying. If you join a gym during summer break you’ll be motivated to work out because of the money you have to spend on the membership. It’s always a plus coming back to college feeling confident!

Learn To Drive

Believe it or not a lot of people come into college not knowing how to drive. If you already have your permit and you are 18 years old you’ll be able to get your license before summer ends! It’s the perfect thing to do over the summer so you can make sure you can plan a day to visit all of your college friends over the break!

Go To The Beach

If you love the sun and adore the water the beach is a the perfect place to relax after a hard year of studying. You can tan while listening to your favorite music and if you feel too hot you can go for a nice cool swim!

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Get A Job

Getting a job doesn’t seem like a lot of fun but if you do get a job for the summer you’ll be able to have spending money for the upcoming semester. You’ll also be able to pass time by instead of laying in bed all day wishing you could do something.

Learn An Instrument

If you have an instrument lying around that you’ve been wanting to learn this is the perfect opportunity to start. It seems that learning an instrument is super hard but in this day and age anyone can look up how to learn a specific instrument on the internet. You can come back to college knowing how to play an instrument and impress all of your friends!  There are endless things for what to do when you miss college over summer that will help you pass the time by! You will be back at college before you know it if you follow this simple list of things to do. You’ll be able to tell all of your college friends about the loads of adventures you had instead of telling them all you did was binge watch every show on Netflix.


Has this list on what to do when you miss college helped you? Tell us in the comments what you’re doing before you go back!

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