What to do When He’s Just Not that Into You

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a huge crush on the cute boy or girl at work for a while, and just when you think you’ve gotten up the courage to ask them to hang out, you find out that they just started dating someone else. Or worse, they tell you “I love you just like you were one of my siblings.” #Friendzoned

If you’re anything like me, you feel as if you don’t really have much of a right to be upset. I mean, it was only a crush, and you can’t be entitled to a human.

But still, it definitely stings. So what’s next? What do you do when he’s just not that into you?

what to do when he's just no that into you


It’s okay to let yourself mourn. Call up your best friend, order a pizza, and put on your favorite movie. Let yourself cry, and then laugh about it afterward. Your feelings are valid and you aren’t going to heal if you bottle them all up. So take the time you need to let it out and rid yourself of the baggage.

How to move on when he's just not that into you


Set a Goal

As important as it is to let yourself grieve and process your feelings, it’s just as important not to let yourself wallow. Set a time frame for yourself. Give yourself a week, and then try to do something to better yourself. Start training for a 5K, take a cooking class, or read a great book. Soon, you’ll be so busy being healthy, that the old thoughts of your crush will take a back seat to the new thoughts of how awesome you are.

How to move on when he's just not that into you

Squad Up

Good friends are invaluable in times of crisis. Who else would know exactly how to cheer you up when the going gets rough? Grab your buds and hit the mall for some shopping therapy, hit the club and find someone new to crush on, or just get lunch and talk about life. Good friends know how to turn any activity into the perfect therapy session.

How to move on when he's just not that into you


Talk to Your Crush

I am not saying that you should tell your crush how you feel about them. That’s a recipe for a mess that really isn’t worth the trouble. But I am suggesting that you get used to the idea of just being friends. You liked this person for a reason, be it their fantastic taste in music or their Bill Murray impression, so why sever ties just because they don’t feel the same way you do? It’s not necessarily going to be easy, but don’t you think they might be worth it?

Talk toyour crush


A person being interested in you romantically does not determine your worth. Your worth comes from your hopes and dreams and your zest for life. We often believe the lie that if someone you like doesn’t like you back, that means there is something wrong with you. Let me tell you now that nothing is wrong with you. So it didn’t work out with this certain person, but just think how amazing your next crush could be. You deserve someone who will treasure you like the masterpiece that you are. So hold your head up high because you are hot stuff and there is someone out there dying to fall in love with someone just like you.

How to move on when he's just not that into you

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