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What To Do On New Years Eve At Home

What To Do On New Years Eve At Home

If you're wondering what to do on New Years Eve at home this year, we have ideas like watching a movie, cooking recipes, and more!

Sometimes it’s a lot to go out on New Years Eve. To avoid the lines, traffic, and the annoying drunk people, a safe and easy bet is to stay inside. However, besides watching the ball drop on TV, what is there to do staying in for the night? Here’s a list of what to do on New Years Eve at home if you’re not about going out this year!

1) Netflix And Chill

You can take this in one of two different ways, but I think we can both agree that either is sufficient. If you want to invite a friend over and make out all night, by all means do. However, if you want to just stay in bed and legit chill out then that option is also very viable!

2) Bake Some To Die For Food

Before you enter the new year, end the previous year with a bang and eat some delicious baked goods. Forget about your diet, you deserve that one last bit(e) of happiness!


3) Have A Glass Of Wine

Wine is what to do on New Years Eve at home. You can never go wrong with a glass of wine… or four. However many glasses you choose to drink, do it with pride! Hell, it’s almost a new year anyways!

4) Host A Sleepover

I think we can all agree a slumber party is a good time, and we don’t get the opportunity to do it as much when we’re older! So if you plan on staying in, make the best of it with all of your girlfriends!

5) Learn A Game Of Cards

Sure, we may all know some card games. However, there are so many card games out there, that you can always learn more. Figuring out a new game with a friend is fun, and keeps your brain engaged so you don’t pass out before midnight!


6) Revert To Your Childhood And Play Dress Up

Dress up in whatever you want to be and ring in the new year just like that! Do it by yourself, or with your friends. Either way, there’s no shame in playing pretend for a night!

7) Draw Your New Years Resolutions Out Of A Hat

Write out your resolutions, put them in a hat, and draw them by midnight! You may get an easy one, or a hard one, either way – it’s something you wish to do!

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8) Sing Karaoke

This idea may go well with that few glasses of wine you had earlier. Find a song you love, throw on the instrumental version, and blast the volume as loud as it can go!

9) Create A Fort

When we were young, figuring out what to do on New Years Eve was easy because we were creative! However, that’s still possible. Grab all of the blankets in your house and literally cover your entire apartment with them.

10) Buy A Ton Of Fortune Cookies

There’s nothing more exciting then predicting the future, and there isn’t a better time to predict the future then with the new year! So while your munching on those cookies, try to figure out the meanings of what’s inside of them!


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