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What To Do In Boston To Celebrate Halloween This Year

What To Do In Boston To Celebrate Halloween This Year

New England is a great place to celebrate Halloween, given its landscape and Puritan superstitious history. These five terrifying tips will put you in a Spooktacular mood for this fall!

Go Apple Picking

You may have to go a little outside Boston to do this, but it’s an activity that’s wholesomeness has attracted locals and out of towners for generations. There are hundreds of species of apples around this area, many of them not sold in the stores given they don’t exactly taste like candy. This is an important feature, however, because it makes you realize how special and unique eating an apple pie is. Many of the apples that grow on the orchards are tart, which means you might have to cook them into something tasty. There are all kinds of great apple recipes that are great dishes to celebrate Halloween. You can make apple pie, apple cake, apple scones, apple butter, apple cider, apple jam, and apple bread.

You can also engage in that traditional Halloween festivity of bobbing for apples (if the water’s not too cold!0 or make candy or caramel apples. There are also numerous apple harvests nearby such as the annual Mission Hill cider press, where locals get together on Mission Hill to pick the 300 year old apple trees to make a refreshing glass of cider. It’s a great place to meet your neighbors and some local enthusiasts of organic agriculture. There are hardly any activities as wholesome as picking enough apples to make yourself an apple pie with ice cream!

What To Do In Boston To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Summon A Spirit In The Fens

The Fens on its own is a quite disturbing place, in fact within its premises one may find all kinds of needles, trash that chokes the geese, homeless camps, swamps full of all sorts of exciting poisonous chemicals, victory gardens from the Second World War, a soccer pitch, a War Monument that implies room for a few small wars, small rabbits that are likely rabid, and geese that hiss at you if you get too close to their space. It is absolutely imperative that you don’t wander there in the dark, because its’ lack of lighting makes it very dangerous. There is in fact a camp in the middle of the reeds where on a tree is written ‘Free Rim Jobs’, where a large shirtless sweaty man awaits to service you. The swamp water makes a prime ingredient for summoning a ghost.

In the event you have a bad neighbor or perhaps an enemy, look no further than this place, as its’ own characteristics make one’s skin crawl. There areĀ  numerous secluded places that will give you the appropriate cover from the Puritan authorities and the prosper atmosphere for a New England Ghost summoning. If all goes well, it will be the perfect place for you to celebrate Halloween in a truly disturbing and unparalleled fashion.

What To Do In Boston To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Make A Jaco Lantern (Get It?)

While most people make Jack-O-Lanterns to celebrate Halloween, given that you are a Berklee student, it would be far more preferable to make a Jaco Lantern to celebrate the life and musicianship of famed bassist Jaco Pastorious (1951-1987). He was an accomplished composer, bassist, and band leader who played with the Weather Report, whose haggard and gangly demeanor earned him the nickname ‘Mowgli.’ If anyone was to be made a caricature of, it would be Jaco. In fact, you could likely render the look on his face as he takes a solo in say ‘Town Town’, ‘Come on, Come over’, or his famous ‘Portraits of Tracy’.

What To Do In Boston To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Visit A New England Grave Yard

If there’s one way to celebrate Halloween and its’ festively creepy spirit, there are no better places in Boston or New England you could go to than a New England graveyard. There are dozens of places all over the city wherein which one can go observe the deceased as they lay to rest until (so they thought, that) they would be resurrected by old J.C. himself. Whether or not they were correct, the general disturbing factor of New England graveyards has few parallels, especially in the fall when the gangly trees appear as if they could not snatch you in their clutches or some kind of disturbed spirits of the hypocritical Puritans could wag their fingers at you for dancing, smiling, drinking, or even (they actually believed this) for participating in the Devil’s art of making music that is both non-religious and pleasurable.

There are few things worse than encountering a ghost that is both not scary, and particularly controlling over one’s attitudes and behavior. Graveyards make fine places for dates and picnics, given they’re essentially well-trimmed parks that have little trash, this is of course if you’re comfortable with the whole mortality thing.

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What To Do In Boston To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Scare Freshman

It’s not really very nice to scare people, people don’t particularly like to be scared or have someone scare them. Take Freshman for instance. Nobody really likes freshman, freshman don’t even like being freshman. Nobody cares for being the greenhorn, the tenderfoot, or the bottom of the totem pole. Scaring them, or putting them through the fire is essential to breaking them into both college and the real world.

They might not appreciate it much now, but in the long run, they may actually appreciate you for putting them outside their comfort zone. A possible scenario for you could go like this. You rise on Halloween morning, and with your better friends and significant others, you could go apple picking at a nice local apple orchard, then you could go to the Fens a ceremony that summons a grumpy pious Puritan ghost that objects to your immodest dress (people often dress in a way around Halloween that Puritans dislike), then you lead your freshman victim to an old New England graveyard, wherein which the ghost appears and scares the freshman into next week. It’s the perfect plan!

What To Do In Boston To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Are there other ways to celebrate Halloween in Boston? Let us know your favorite ideas in the comments!

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