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What To Do If You’re In A Love Triangle This Valentine’s Day

What To Do If You’re In A Love Triangle This Valentine’s Day

What To Do If You’re In A Love Triangle This Valentine’s Day

If you ever find yourself in a love triangle, you will find out that it can be tricky to handle. Especially if it’s not an easy decision to choose one person over another if you are the one being chased. This becomes especially difficult during Valentine’s Day when all three sides are being tested. Take a look at these tips on how to handle being in a love triangle. 

Treat all sides with respect

As in all cases with any relationship, you should treat your partner, or partners, with respect. No matter what kind of relationship it is. If you want either of the relationships to work, you need to build a foundation of trust, love, communication, and respect for each other. 

The only time respect should not be given is if one of the people winds up being a bad person who is not good for the other people in the triangle. 

If this is not the case, and you are the part of the triangle where you are chasing after the same one person, then you should still give respect to the other person who is trying to be with the same person you are trying for. 

What To Do If You’re In A Love Triangle This Valentine’s Day

Follow your heart

One of the biggest and most important pieces of advice you can hear and follow is to follow your heart. If at any moment your heart is telling you to be with only one of the other people, then follow it. Your heart knows what it wants and your intuition will help you the rest of the way. 

The same goes for when you start to feel nothing for the person you are trying to be with. If your feelings subside, then it’s only fair to you and the person you are trying to be with to end the potential relationship. 

No matter what you might think at that moment, once feelings begin to go they will never come back. So what’s the point in forcing something to happen when the passion has already gone?

What To Do If You’re In A Love Triangle This Valentine’s Day

Be honest 

Another important thing in any relationship is to be honest. If you can’t be honest with your significant other, or others, then why are you with them? You should be comfortable with being open and honest with them about how you feel at any moment. 

If you are feeling one way about one of the people, you should always let them know how you feel. And if you are the point of the love triangle, then you should inform them both how you are feeling and if you want to be with one more than another. 

What To Do If You’re In A Love Triangle This Valentine’s Day

Let them know what you are comfortable with

This goes in line with the point above. In addition to being honest with the others in the love triangle, you should let them know what you are comfortable with doing. If the others are not accepting of your comfort levels or respectful of your comfort zone, then you should leave the love triangle immediately.

One of the red flags of any relationship is when the other person, or persons, is not willing to accept you for who you are or what you’re comfortable with. 

There isn’t any category that should be left untouched in the conversation of what you are comfortable with doing. This includes anything from adventures, to public displays of affection, to sex. Especially sex and displays of affection. They should know and understand what your romance language is, and you should know and understand theirs. 

Don’t let it consume you

You should never let any relationship consume you. What this means is that you should put your own health, mental and physical, first above your relationship. After all, it is your life and you have to do deal with what it is throwing at you. 

Sometimes it might be better to leave the love triangle if it starts to become too much and invades every aspect of your life. 

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If you don’t want to leave the love triangle completely, then let the others in the triangle know that you need some space for a little while to recollect yourself. If they aren’t respectful of your need to focus on yourself for a while, then you should consider your options and how much you are willing to put up with. 

What To Do If You’re In A Love Triangle This Valentine’s Day

Weigh your options

The final piece of advice is to weigh your options. If you find yourself as the point of the love triangle, then you will eventually need to make a decision about who to be with, if you decide to be with either of them in the end. 

There are a few things you should consider while weighing your options. One of them is if you can see yourself growing a family with that person, if you do want a family of your own. If you don’t, then that is also another thing to consider. 

If the other person wants children and you don’t, or vice versa, then you might not want to spend the rest of your life with that person. At some point, one of you will try to convince the other to change their/your mind. We all know that opinions and wants about that topic never change, or don’t change easily. 

Another thing to consider is personal hobbies and how compatible you two are. You shouldn’t like the same things for every single category, but you should still have a good amount of likes in common. If you have almost nothing in common, then you might find that the relationship will be doomed in the end. Or you will end up with an unhappy relationship that you might never bring yourself to leave. 

Then there’s the option of polyamory if all sides are okay with it. Make sure that you all are okay with it before deciding that you won’t choose between the two of them. If they aren’t okay, then one will make the decision for you and leave themselves. 

What To Do If You’re In A Love Triangle This Valentine’s Day

Are you finding yourself stuck in a love triangle this Valentine’s Day? Did any of these suggestions help? Let us know in the comments below!

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