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What To Do If Your Partner Cheated

What To Do If Your Partner Cheated

What To Do If Your Partner Cheated

Whenever your partner cheated on you, there are only one or two choices, depending on how you feel. If you don’t want this person back, then keeps it moving, you’ll find someone else eventually. But, if you want your partner back, then there are some things you have to take into account. These tips are not exactly head games. However, the other person needs to know that you are no one to be cheated on.

#1 You Need Time Away

First thing’s first, you need to leave to collect your thoughts on what just happened to you. Yes, you’ll yell and scream at them, say what you have to say, but when all is said and done, you must pack your bags and go for a while. However long is up to you. But, take your time and space to heal.

What To Do If Your Partner Cheated

#2  Heal Yourself

Like I stated above, you need this time to heal; collect your thoughts and your composure. Your partner may be calling non-stop to talk things over again and you should not answer. Talking to them at this time will only bring you back to anger and you are not trying to go through that right now. Spend some time with your friends and family if you must. There is nothing like the love and support of those that are close to you. This step could take time. Nevertheless, the ball is in your court. You are calling the shots if you want to be back with your partner at this point. You just need time.

What To Do If Your Partner Cheated

#3 Boss up!

By this time, you may feel a little bit better, but you are not truly healed enough to go back to them. This is the perfect time to get in touch with yourself again and do what makes you happy. You’ve been in a relationship for so long taking care of the other person and their needs; you forgot to pamper yourself sometimes. Go work out and work on your body, connect with your spiritual self, go shopping and get your hair done! Whatever works to bring yourself back to your center once again. Make them sorry for breaking your heart and betraying your trust. I promise they will feel every ounce of your fire comeback.

#4 Contemplate What You Want

Okay, you’ve had time to yourself and your cheating partner (not to be so harsh) has had time to think as well. Now is the time to decide whether or not if you want to go back to them. In the beginning, this was the initial intention, but sometimes people fall back in love with being single and to themselves, that they don’t want to be in a relationship no longer. So, now it is the time to choose; go back or stay single. If I may, I believe everyone deserves a second chance. People do the dumbest things and even so, some deserve to be forgiven. The choice is yours.

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What To Do If Your Partner Cheated

#5 Head Home!

Hopefully, you took my advice about giving your spouse a second chance. If not, then I wish you the best and there are other fish in the sea. For those that took them back, there are boundaries that need to be set. The ball is still in your court and it is time for you to shoot. By this I mean make your demands. Your partner will follow if they don’t want to lose you again. They’ve noticed how you have gotten yourself together and came back stronger than ever. They’re going to make sure they’re on their best behavior now. If your partner loves you, they shouldn’t want to see you cry from hurting ever again.

After all, is said and done, there is an important factor once you have forgiven your loved one…forgive them. Yes, your partner cheated. It’s not good to keep the dark cloud of cheating hanging over their heads every time you two have an argument. That means you haven’t healed from it yet. Granted these things take time, however, you cannot keep bringing this up for you guys are trying to get passed it. Forgive, never forget and love like you loved them before.

Have you ever been cheated on by your spouse? What did you do after you found out the news? I would love to hear your stories down below.

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