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What To Do If Your Crush Is Ghosting You

What To Do If Your Crush Is Ghosting You

When your crush disappears out of your life faster than they came in it, you are being ghosted. This is what to do if your crush is ghosting you.

We live in a time of  ghosting; when people literally disappear from your life faster than they came in it. If your crush doesn’t respond to your texts for weeks on end and they suddenly unfollow you on social media, you’ve been ghosted. But, when it happens, you have to handle it and be done with it. This is how to handle the situation if your crush is ghosting you.

1. Find out if he’s actually ghosting

Most of the time, it is obvious that you are being ghosted. But, in some cases, there is a chance that your crush seriously just sucks at communicating over the phone. If you still are hearing from them once in a while, then ask them why it is they are talking to you less. If they are in the early phasing of ghosting, you can end it sooner than later.

2. Call him out – boy bye

This is where you unleash the anger. Message him on every form of social media – Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, all of it. Don’t be afraid to blow up his phone and let him know he’s a complete asshole for ghosting you.


Once you’ve vented, delete him on everything. Block his number and remove him from your life for good. If he tries to come back, remember that he ghosted you and you are so much better than that. Do yourself a favor and never speak to them again.

4. Realize you’ve dodged a bullet

His/her ghosting has nothing to do with you or you not being good enough. They weren’t grown enough to tell you they weren’t really into it and clearly have some serious communications skills. Consider yourself lucky.

5. Have yourself a time with the ladies

Whether you love staying in with a pizza or you like getting dolled up and going dancing, plan a date night with the ladies and have some fun. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so forget about him.

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