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What To Do If You Hate Your Job

What To Do If You Hate Your Job

We’ve all had a job that we just can’t stand. We’ve all been standing or sitting at work, not being able to shake the thought that we could be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else. If you haven’t had this experience yet…it’s coming. But for the rest of us unfortunate souls, what are we to do? We need money, and therefore we need work. If you are one of these people who are constantly wondering “what to do if you hate your job,” here are some steps to make work a little more lively, and a little less miserable.

1. Keep yourself busy

First of all, staying busy really has a way of making time fly by. If you work in retail, start folding clothes strewn all over the dressing room. If you work in the food industry, clean something. There are always mindless things to be done in jobs that are customer-service based that can help make time go a little bit quicker (as long as you’re concentrating on the tast and not focusing on how much time has gone by). If you work a desk job, try researching ways to be better at your role. Not only will this take up some time…but maybe you’ll learn something useful to apply to your position and ultimately make the job better!

2. Assess the situation

If your distaste towards your job far exceeds a quick fix like staying busy, it’s time to more deeply assess the situation at hand. Before you being contemplating what to do if you hate your job, you should probably figure out what exactly it is that you hate about it. Is it your coworkers, or superiors? Is it the customers or clients? Is it the work itself? Once you identify the factors you aren’t happy with, the next step is to ask “can these factors be changed?”



3. Be proactive

If it’s your coworkers that are bothering you, or even just one problem coworker, you might consider reflecting on your own actions to see where the point of tension is. If you realize that maybe you did something that started the relationship on the wrong foot, a simple apology could go a long way. Work is much more enjoyable when there’s an aura of openness and the air is clear. If it’s your boss or manager that you have a problem with, try speaking with them and voice your concern. Emphasize that you are simply trying to create a better work environment for everyone so you don’t create even more hostility.

4. Reassess the situation

If you have tried all you can to make things better, or have determined that the cause of your disdain is something that can’t simply be patched up with a band-aid, you may want to seriously consider what your other options may be. The issue of hating the actual work your doing can get a bit trickier; if this is the case, you might want to think about changing your career path altogether.

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5. Make a decision

If in the end you come to the conclusion that nothing will make your job more enjoyable, you must weigh your two ultimate choices on what to do if you hate your job. You either accept the fact that other things in life will compensate for the misery you endure at work…or you can take the path to mental stability and happiness: QUIT.



When it comes down to it, it’s always best to put yourself in a position that will allow you to work at your peak of efficiency. Operating on a bad attitude and a mind that is elsewhere will not help to do that, and your bosses will notice. What’s best for those who surround you, what’s best for the company, and what’s best for the customers is very important, but what’s best for you must be above all else. If you are truly unhappy in your work, to the point where it’s affecting the rest of your life – make the right decision. Preserve precious moments – do not limit them by coming home from work exhausted and drained each day. Choose a path that will lead to those moments flooding into your daily life at work, home, and anywhere.

Have any other tips on what to do if you hate your job? Share in the comments!

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