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What To Do If You Catch Feelings For Your Guy Friend

We’ve all been there. One day, everything is normal, and the next, something is off. Hanging out with your friend group doesn’t feel quite the same and all of a sudden, it hits you: you’ve caught feelings. Don’t panic, though! You can figure this one out. Keep reading to find out what to do if you catch feelings for your guy friend.

Assess the situation.

Try and think of what set these feelings in motion. Did he walk you home from the bar? Did he help you through a tough time? Try to pinpoint exactly what it is about him that has suddenly led you to see him in a way you hadn’t before. If it is something that happened while you had been drinking, it might be a false alarm. Take some time to narrow it down.

Decide if you actually like them or not.

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether or not you like someone, or like the idea of them. After you have assessed the situation, decide whether or not these are legit feelings.

Weigh the risk.

How close are you and this guy friend? If he is one of your closest pals, decide whether or not this is something you want to tell him about. If you aren’t as close, decide whether or not this would upset your friend group.

Sometimes two friends getting together can be a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t always end well. If the state of your friend group would be directly affected by something happening between you and this guy friend, you will have to decide whether or not it is worth the risk.

Try to figure out how he feels about you.

Is he the friend that the rest of your group always say you would be perfect for? Or is this totally out of left field for you? If you can figure out how he feels about you, it might help you figure out where these feelings are coming from.

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Consider telling another friend.

When you catch feelings, sometimes your first instinct is to tell your best friend. How well can your bestie keep a secret, though? If you have the type of best friend who will take your secrets to the grave, then tell her how you have been feeling and get her advice on it.

Tell him.

If you have assessed why you caught feelings and decided it is worth the risk, then tell him. The best way to come to this conclusion is to figure out whether or not these feelings will go away. You will know the difference between a temporary crush and actual feelings. Only tell him once you know for sure that these feelings are real, because it could be a huge risk if you tell him too soon.

Or don’t tell him.

After giving it some thought, you might decide that it is best you keep this to yourself. Sometimes you catch feelings and they are gone just as quickly as you seemed to have caught them. If you think you will disrupt your friend group, and you don’t think he has feelings for you too, sleep on it for another week and then decide. There is never any harm in waiting!

What do you do if you catch feelings for a friend? Tell us in the comments below!
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