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What To Do If He Has A Micropenis

What To Do If He Has A Micropenis

Having a micropenis is a condition that so many men struggle with daily, but keep hidden. Here's what to do if your man has one.

I’m gonna be straight forward and say that I’ve never experienced this type of situation before. I can only imagine and share what I’d do if I came across a man with a micropenis. My initial thought and worry is that I probably wouldn’t gain much pleasure from intercourse, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to be pleased by that person; who is still in fact a human being with feelings. I consider these triggered-feelings ignorant and insensitive. My conscience says, is it really their fault and is insertion of a penis the only way to have sex in 2018? I don’t think so. Not when women are scissoring each other. I’m sure there’s something we can do here and if I may, I’ll share my opinion with you all, on what to do if he has a micropenis.

I’ve never actually seen one before so don’t judge me when I say I binged micropenis.

All sorts of horrifying, judgmental, and overcritical images came up. For starters, a really tiny penis on an oversized ball sack (that’s probably a condition); then, a small old banana with a measuring tape up against it; and also, a man bleeding through his eyes. Wow.

I’m going to take the high road here and say that while it’s fun to make fun sometimes, this is one of those situations where I can draw the line between myself and the rest of the world that doesn’t have consideration for the helpless portion of humanity. Call me naive, but I do believe in a right and a wrong and it’s possible to be kind at the right times. I blame cases of depression on the messed up people in the world that mentally harass others.

So it turns out that men with micropenis’ are actually subjects to a condition that involves a lack of testosterone provided to them in their fetal stages. It really isn’t their fault! How many times do we say we’re brought into this world, we didn’t ask to be here. Well that saying goes for men with micropenis’ indeed. Don’t blame them, blame the parents. (Just Kidding) Show some humility.

What To Do If He Has A Micropenis

Your question, what to do if he has a micropenis?

Well, that would require understanding the condition and knowing whether he can actually have an erection and ejaculate. Turns out that most men with a micropenis can, although it may be difficult. You’ll learn some very interesting things just by searching the internet and reading the opinionated’s like and There are different shapes and sizes to micropeni and different ways to please them as well. If you happen to be enjoying a relationship with someone with this condition, here’s a few ways you can still enjoy each other intimately and pleasurably.

What To Do If He Has A Micropenis

1. Fingers

Instead of using a full hand and making the petite penis feel overwhelmed, try massaging with just a few fingers wrapped around; paying extra special attention to the sensitive area at the rim of the penis. This is an efficient hand job for someone with a micropenis.

What To Do If He Has A Micropenis

2. It Doesn’t Have To Go All The Way In

Women are actually greatly stimulated right at the rim of the vagina. Ease up on the lube since it would be easier for a micropenis to slip out if you’re using it, and perform very short and quick or slow insertions and removals. In layman’s terms, just put the head in, quickly or slowly. No lube. This will ensure you and your partner achieve some pleasure.

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What To Do If He Has A Micropenis

3. Toys

There are some toys you can use for him if he has a micropenis. Cock rings are stimulating and vibrant, and using sleeves with lube can be eradicating for him as well. Sleeves are like extensions that add width and height to the penis whilst still stimulating the wearer.

What To Do If He Has A Micropenis

4. Never Change

This one’s for the men who may feel the need to undergo operations just to gain self-satisfaction, or to satisfy others. It’s not worth it. The procedures for altering a micropenis are risky. If that’s not convincing enough, watch season 7 episode 1 of Shameless. You’ll learn to appreciate yourself for who you are.

Really when it comes to sex with anyone, the more open you are the better. Get it? Open? I had to. Don’t shut down the guy with the micropenis if he has a great personality and everything else about him is smooth. There’s always a way around sexual obstacles that can result in pleasure for all involved.

Did this help you understand what to do if he has a micropenis? Let me know in the comments if you’ve experienced this or want to share some advice.
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