What To Do Around Ohio University When You’re Broke AF

It’s no secret that at Ohio University, students like to have a good time. This kind of lifestyle, though, can quickly drain a student’s savings. Not all fun comes at a cost: here are 12 things for you to do at Ohio University.

1. Go to a comedy show

Ohio University is home to a few stand-up comedy and improv groups. Blue Pencil has a free show on Saturdays at the bottom of Baker University Center in the student lounge. These stand-up routines range from interactive to adorably awkward.

2. Attend a free concert at The Union

The iconic Union Bar and Grill hosts multiple free events during the school year: you just need to scope out their Facebook page to find them. Drinks can be a little pricey, so bring a flask with your own personal blend of booze.

3. Hike at the Ridges

Or Bong Hill. Or Wayne National Forest. Athens and Nelsonville have a ton of trails for outdoor exploration. Invite your friends for great photo opportunities, or travel solo and bring a blanket and a good book.

4. Eat some pizza at Courtside

Slice Night could very well be your hero. Scrounge together nickels and dimes if you have to (let’s face it, you’ll save your quarters for laundry day). Courtside Pizza, located at the end of Court Street, has a special deal each week on pizza slices: on Wednesdays, you can get a satisfying slice of pizza for 50 cents each until 9 p.m.

5. Have a movie night with your posse

Hook up your laptop to a TV with a handy dandy HDMI cable or cast it (or cram around a laptop. Whichever works for you). You can pick up snacks using your meal swipes or get pizza to go from Shively or Nelson.

6. Volunteer your time to a good cause

It can be easy to get down-hearted when your checking account balance is looking dismal. It’s important to remember that this will soon pass: for others, it won’t. There are multiple organizations in Athens that reach out to the food insecure or economically disadvantaged. They’re always in need of assistance, and just a few hours of your time can impact the lives of many.

7. Enjoy cheap jello shots at Tony’s Tavern

Many Athens bars have nights that feature drinks with special discounts. Tony’s Tavern, located across the street from Casa Nueva (NOT a place where you can go if you’re broke), has a deal on jello shots every Thursday. For just one dollar, you can get a delicious shot, often created with Vodka. They’re strong without being disgusting.

8. Have an art tour

Kennedy Museum of Art at the Ridges features new exhibits all the time, as do the galleries in Seigfred Hall and Baker University Center. Make yourself some coffee with your Keurig and venture around campus for an immersive and artsy experience.

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9. Taste the Flavor of the Week

The University Program Council (UPC) offers free food for OU students stopping in to Baker Center. Flavor of the Week, which takes place on Wednesdays, is normally located in the Bobcat Student Lounge. UPC also hosts events on South Beach from time to time, so follow them on Instagram to keep up to date.

10. Sink in a comfy couch and listen to poetry

Donkey Coffee and Espresso hosts open mics and poetry readings several times a month. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

11. Snag free food and soda at Late Nights

The Living Learning Center (South Green) is home to OHIO Late Nights every Saturday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. This event is free to OU students and includes activities like board game challenges and silent discos. There’s also plenty of pizza and snacks to go around.

12. Hit the gym (and rock climb, while you’re at it)

Use your lack of funds as an excuse to get active. Head on over to Ping Recreational Center to run, weight-lift, or even rock climb. Ping also offers fitness classes for those who prefer guidance.

What else can you do at Ohio University when your funds are running low? Tweet, share, or comment below!
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Sydney Dawes is an Ohio University student studying journalism. Her passions include writing, social media, Netflix, Pokemon, the color yellow, and betta fish. After earning her degree, Sydney plans on becoming a foreign correspondent for Middle Eastern affairs. Or going to law school. She really doesn’t know. Twitter: @sydneydawes_95, Instagram: @syd_the_kid1995

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