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What To Do and Not To For Sorority Recruitment Season

What To Do and Not To For Sorority Recruitment Season

Going into sorority recruitment can be a whirlwind of emotions. It is so exciting but nerve-racking at the same time. You hear so many stories of rush week and what goes on but you will not really know what it is like until you go through the process. Before I started the sorority rush, I was so nervous and went into it without knowing much at all. I am here now to let you in on some advice on what to do and what not to do during sorority recruitment. This is based on my experience rushing at The University of Alabama!

Do: Get A Good Nights Rest

Get ready for it because sorority recruitment can be many long hours each day. Depending on the school you are attending and their recruitment process, your day can start early in the morning and end late at night. A good night’s sleep is something you will definitely be needing! Go to bed early and get that beauty rest because you will be needing it. Since it most likely will be hot out still you will be out in the heat all day and this can get very tiring. Although you might be nervous o excited, making it hard to sleep, try your best to not worry about it and get a good rest and be prepared for the next day!

Don’t: Be Shy

Break out of your shell and be outgoing during your conversations with the gild in the house! It can be scary going into rush especially if you are on the shy side, but all of the girls are super friendly and want to get to know you. Don’t be afraid to get to know other girls and show them your true self!


Do: Bring A Comfortable Pair Of Shoes

I HIGHLY recommend you bringing a pair of flip flops or running sneakers. You are allowed to bring a bag with you and can pack it with water, snack, extra makeup, and most importantly, extra shoes! You will most likely be wearing heels all day and your feet will be feeling it! In between houses, you can throw on a pair of flip flops for ultimate comfort. Your feet will be thanking you after!

Don’t: Forget To Bring Water And Snacks

Every morning before recruitment you should pack your bag with snacks and cold water! The last thing you want to worry about is being dehydrated and hungry. Since you will most likely be in the sun all day, staying hydrated is key. Depending on your schedule for the day you may only get. few minutes for a lunch break. In this case, having extra snacks on you like protein bars, will get you through the day!

Do: Prepare Your Outfits For The week

The LAST thing you want is to have an outfit malfunction during rush! This can ruin your whole day and put you in a bad mood. Every night, lay out your outfit for the next day and make sure it is ironed, clean, and intact. You might even want to try it on to make sure it fits comfortably. Even make sure your shoes are in good condition as well. I remember when I was going through rush a girl in my group had accidentally broken off the straps on her heel and had to go through the house with one shoe. This is something you definitely don’t want to happen so be sure to double-check your outfit the night before to make sure it is in good condition!


Don’t: Go Into It With Only One House In Mind

You should never go into rush thinking you only want to be in one certain house. This can lead to a lot of disappointment. You have to be open-minded to each house and trust the process. Don’t listen to any other girl talking bad about certain houses because that is their own opinion. You have to really trust yourself and where you feel most comfortable. For example, when my sister was going through rush, she ended with the house that was at the bottom of her list. She ended up meeting her best friends and had great times with them and ended up enjoying her sorority more. This is a great example of why you shouldn’t be set on just one house. Giving others a chance is what will open you up to new people and experiences.

Do: Keep A Notebook With You

If I Learned one thing, it was that there was so much going on in one day it was hard to remember certain conversations during your time at a house. Keeping a notebook with you is a great idea to keep track of your favorite houses. I would always write in it after every house and keep track of the girls I talked to, what we talked about, and what I liked about it. This made it so much easier to narrow down my favorite houses. You may also want to write down certain things you are looking for within a house, like its philanthropy, and see if that interests you.

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Don’t: Drink Alchohol/ Party During Rush Week

During your first few days at college, you might be very tempted to drink and party with your new friends. During rush week however, there is a very strict rule that you are not allowed to do so. Trust me, word will spread very fast if you do end up going out. Other girls will see you and report it to the exec board. The upperclassman and girls in the houses will also have this same rule so don’t feel left out! Take a week off and get a good sleep every night.


This is the MOST important thing to follow during sorority recruitment. You will notice that each house kind of has different personalities. You want to find one that fits you best! The only way to do this is to be yourself and don’t try to act like someone you not just to get into a house. This will eventually turn against you when you realize you aren’t moving the girls you are in the house with. Trust the process and you will end in a house you love and meet girls who are just like you.