What To Consider When Choosing Your Major

Choosing your major can be a huge task for many students. Howevere, there are some things you can keep in mind to make the process easier!

Choosing your major is a huge step in the journey of our lives. You major determines what you will study, what kind of degree you will get, and have an impact on the kind of jobs you can get after graduation. It’s hard to be sure what we want to do with our lives at just 18. To help you make this huge decision here are a few things you should consider before you choose your major.

1. What is your dream job?

If you have an idea of what you want your career to be then your decision is a little more easy. Do some research on the kind of jobs you would like to have after graduation and look up the degrees those people have. I guarantee that you will find that people with the same job got there with different degrees.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Major

2. Your parents really do know better

When it comes to life, no matter how much we don’t believe them, out parents really do know better. When it comes to choosing your major take some time to sit down with your parents and talk to them about your future. Your mom or dad may be able to point you in the right direction in what you should study (after all they most likely have felt the exact same way). Your parents might also be able to help get you in contact with someone in the field you would like to work in. Now that being said, this decision is yours. This is you career and you should always go with your gut.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Major

3. You have a buffer zone

You may feel like you have to make all your decisions before you step foot on campus, however, you have a little wiggle room. For your first year, and sometimes even your first two years, you will only be taking core classes that everyone takes. This means that if you change your mind in this one-two year window, you will not mess up your graduation date. That year or two of college will give you some time and experience to truly discover what you are passionate about!

4. There are so many resources!

There are so many resources out there that are available to you to help you start your life off right. The most accessible one is right tip of your fingers, the internet! Do as much research as you can to find out what it really means to work in your chosen field. Also, once you get to college don’t be afraid to talk with an advisor. Advisor’s entire job is to help students learn about the programs that are available to them and what it will take to get their dream job. Another great resource are your professors! I guarantee you that your professor is more than willing to sit down with you and talk to you about you future. Every university will have some type of career fair which will be a great resource for students to learn about the field they want to be in and what the job is truly like.

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What To Consider When Choosing Your Major

 5. The really is no rush

If you are coming up on your junior year of college and you still have no clue what you want to do in choosing your major you should not feel pressured to just choose a major. At this point in your college career changing your major will most likely have an impact on your graduation date, however, you should not let graduating a year or two late scare you from finding what you are truly passionate about. If you talk to any adult or anyone really that is out of college they will tell you that there is no rush to graduate and find a job. You have your entire life ahead of you and there is no shame in taking long than four years to graduate college.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Major

What are some things you think you should consider when choosing your major? Tell us in the comments!
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