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What To Bring To Girls’ Night With The Ladies

What To Bring To Girls’ Night With The Ladies

Girls night is a mandatory event that must happen regularly. Especially if you live with your best friends, every night is a girls’ night. However, if the ladies are making a trip out to have some fun with a little bit of wine then y’all obviously need to bring some special items. Girls nights can be anywhere from laid back to absolutely legendary, it’s all up to what you bring to the table. 

1. Alcohol

First and foremost, everyone should bring at least one bottle of wine. Maybe even champagne. Girls night does not give off a hard alcohol vibe, so the more wine the better. A fun thing to do for a girls night is everyone brings their favorite bottle of wine or champagne and everyone does a taste test and chooses their favorite. Or, an equally fun night is doing personal bottles of wine. It’s entirely up to you, both end results will be nothing short of a good time.


2. Chocolate

This just shouldn’t be a question. Wine and chocolate go hand in hand, especially if you’re drinking reds. It’s nice to have that option of chewing on something sweet while you sit with your girlfriends and mingle. The best type of chocolate to bring is dark chocolate because it has that bittersweetness to it compared to milk chocolate which is just sweet. Having something that can match the taste of the wine is a must have.

3. Card Games

You are hosting a girls night, the night will get raunchy. Especially when you get a few glasses of wine in. So why not have some risque games that can help vamp up the vibe and make you all giggle. Some great games for this are, For the Girls, Cards Against Humanity, and What Do You Meme? The drunker you get, the more risky people get with their card choices.


4. Face Masks

Face masks are a great thing to have at girls nights. When the night starts to wind down and your face starts to heat up from the wine these will soothe your skin. It is suggested that you either get sheet masks or ones that come in bottles (Summer Friday’s is highly recommended) and pop them in the fridge at the beginning of the night. There is so better feeling than putting on a cold face mask and just lounging around. It cools your body temperature and overall just relaxes you. Plus, there is no better feeling than how smooth your face feels once you take a face mask off.


5. Cheese Board

Cheese boards are good for any occasion and I will take that to my grave. Things start to change a little bit when you have cheese, wine, and all of your girlfriends in the same place. Another great thing to do, similar with the wine, is everyone brings their favorite thing to have on a cheese board. This could be various cheeses, crackers, fruits, etc. Or, if you want to make sure that you have a fully assembled cheese board at girls night, then assign a different item to each person coming. This ensure no repeats of items and that you will have everything you need for it.

6. Matching Pajamas

If this is a well planned girls night then you need to have matching pajamas. There really is nothing cuter than matching with your friends sometimes even thought it is a very middle school thing to do. But sometimes you just need to do it. It’s not like you’re leaving the comfort of your home so why not all show up wearing matching set? Girls nights are and forever will be a judgement free zone.


7. Polaroid or Disposable Cameras

You and I both know that when the ladies get drunk the camera won’t stop coming out. Whether that’s posed pictures, snapchats, or cute disposable pictures you can keep forever. If you want instant photos than bulk buying film on Amazon for your Polaroid is definitely an option. A great one too may I add. However, there truly is nothing more fun for any occasion than having a disposable camera. Disposable cameras are such a fun surprise when they get developed. It shows you different nights of the memories that you may have forgotten or missed. It’s a great way to capture memories.

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8. Cozy Blankets and Pillows

Ever heard of a mega bed? When you drink with your girls, there normally is a huge cuddle puddle that ensues. So, making sure you have the proper materials before the night begins is a must. You will need standard pillows all the way up to large body pillows. And girls can never have too many blankets. So, make it a requirement that everyone brings one blanket and at least one to two pillows. This will ensure that everyone will be at peak coziness when you go from singing and playing card games to winding down on the couch.


9. Movies

Movies are great to have at girls nights because sometimes it’s hard to think of good ones to watch on the spot. There should be preselected movies so that you can throw one on when it’s time to watch a movie. Or, just have them playing in the background if you don’t want to listen to music. A really fun option during girls night is turning it in to a drinking game. Nine times out of ten there is already a game to the movie you’re about to watch, you’ll just need to Google it. Or, if it’s one you’ve all seen before then there will be no issue thinking of one on the spot.

10. Candles

Candles make anything that you’re doing that much better. So, having at least two to three lit will fill your place with good smells. Candles are necessities because sometimes it’s nice to have things that add dim lighting. Having overhead lights on the entire time can become too much at the end of the night so these add a good alternative when you turn some lamps on and have a few candles lit.

What are some must haves for girls night with your friends? Comment below!