What To Bring To A Music Festival That You’re Definitely Forgetting

Festivals are definitely one of the best parts of summer. We’ve all been somewhere that we have forgotten something, or where we wish we had something with us. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have all the necessities for your next festival! Keep reading to find what to bring to a music festival that you’re definitely forgetting.

1. Sunscreen / Tinted Moisturizer With SPF

I am not trying to be your mom here BUT sunscreen is so important, especially if the festival lasts more than one day (who wants to look like a lobster and be in pain on the first day?). For girls that want to wear makeup to the festival, try to go for a tinted cc cream or moisturizer with SPF!



Enough said.

3. Phone Charger 

As much as we say we’re going to put our phone down and live in the moment, you never know when you’ll want to record your favorite song, take a OOTD pic, or need your phone as a GPS. Bring a charger, or even better, a portable one!

4. ChapStick

As a person that is addicted to ChapStick, I often forget it when I need it the most. With the dry summer air, keep your lips from cracking and burning by throwing a small ChapStick in your pocket or bag.

5. Deodorant

We have all stood next to that person that might not have showered that day and we all know how we feel about it. Save other people and bring a mini deodorant in your bag to reapply throughout the hot, sweaty, summer day!

6. Tide-To-Go Pen 

The new acai bowl trend is incredibly delicious, until you get it on your OOTD. Tide-To-Go’s are lifesavers and super small so they can fit in your essentials bag!

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the biggest and hottest summer accessories. Try getting a cute colored frame with mirrored lenses so you can stare at that cute boy in front of you, without anyone noticing…

8. Cash

Some food stands only take cash so you should always have some on hand!

9. Cute Sneakers

Save yourself from wearing sandals that give you blisters and invest in a cute, trendy pair of sneakers so you can walk all day, while enjoying it! Here are some super cute sneakers perfect for a festival!



10. Advil

Advil will be so helpful if you get sore from walking around all day, got too much sun, or the loud music gave you a little bit of a headache. Even if you don’t think you will use it, you’ll be that friend everyone goes to and thanks!

This is what to bring to a music festival that you’re definitely forgetting. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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