What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

Even though Halloween falls on a Thursday, you can still throw a Halloween inspired brunch! If you’re throwing a Halloween inspired brunch this year…or just looking for some fun Halloween inspired meals then you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some ideas you can bring to your next Halloween inspired brunch.

1. Ghost Pancakes

Here is a nice spooky Halloween inspired brunch idea! Ghost pancakes are fun and good for people young and old. With these pancakes, you can choose your batter of choice and form them into any shape ghost you want! Just add some chocolate chips for the eyes and you are set!

You could also add food coloring to your pancake batter and make pumpkins, mummies, coffins, bats, etc. if you wanted a variety of spooks! This way you can customize the pancakes to what each person wants!

What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

2. Coffin Poptarts

This creepy take on a fan favorite is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Coffin shaped poptarts are good for kids and adults, so no matter the type of brunch you are having this is a spooky option. All you need for this treat is ready to bake pie crust, jelly, and vanilla frosting! This recipe can even be made the night before so you do not have to be in a rush the day of!

Just like the pancakes above you can customize the shape to fit your party better! You can even make a variety just to have a variety!

What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

3. Baked Eyeball Eggs

Try baked eyeball eggs for your next Halloween inspired brunch! This dish can feed a large group of people too. This dish uses eggs, bacon, and eggs among a few other things. Click here to get this fun and flavorful recipe for your next brunch.

It is probably best to make this the day of to maintain the freshness of the eggs but is sure to be a crowd-pleaser either way.

This recipe above makes 10 servings so plan your amount accordingly!

What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

4. Cinnamon Roll Pumpkins

Cinnamon roll pumpkins are a sweet treat to bring to any Halloween inspired brunch. This fun treat is great for any age or type of brunch and is as simple as using the cinnamon rolls dough of your choice, either canned or homemade, and then using orange and green frosting!

It would also make a great activity at your brunch too! Decorate your own cinnamon roll. You could even get a variety of frostings and let people decorate their own Halloween themed roll if pumpkins do not appeal to you.

What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

5. Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups

For a Halloween inspired brunch for kids, try jack-o-lantern fruit cups. All you need to do to create this spookily sweet treat is hollow out an orange and cut out a face on the side. Then add the fruit of your choice into the orange and serve! They are cute and functional and are a great healthy addition to any Halloween inspired brunch.

This idea is super simple and easy. Not to mention it also does not take long to make!

These cups can also be customized to each person’s tastes. You could even make a fruit cup bar, that way people can choose which fruits they want to put into their jack-o-lantern!

What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

6. Jack-O-Lantern Cooler

Skip the generic cooler and replace it with a jack-o-lantern cooler for your next Halloween inspired brunch. This is a great idea to bring because it not only serves a function but it also is a great festive decoration.

Here’s how to make this cooler: First, pick out a pumpkin that would be able to fit the bowl you want to place inside to hold the drinks or one that is big enough for your liking. Second, cut off the top so you can fit all the drinks in and hollow out the inside. Finally, put ice in a bowl with your drinks and put it inside the pumpkin.

For the last step, you can choose to for-go the bowl and just put ice and your drinks straight into the pumpkin. However, if you use a bowl you could carve a face on the front to add another level of festivity.

What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

7. Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

If you want a more savory food item, try these deviled eggs at your Halloween inspired brunch. No, this recipe does not include actual pumpkin, but it is a cute festive take on a party favorite. These eggs are easy to make and do not take hours like other recipes. If you’re in a pinch, try these at your next brunch!

These can even be prepared the night before and refrigerated overnight if you are afraid you will be in a big rush the next morning!

What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

8. Apple Cider Mimosas

What brunch is not complete without mimosas?! Well, even though these drinks are not necessarily Halloween themed, they are fall-themed and would make a great addition to any Halloween inspired brunch. Not to mention this recipe is super simple and easy to make! Click here for this drink recipe!

Disclaimer: This is an alcoholic drink, please drink responsibly.

You could even make kid-friendly versions by replacing the champagne with sprite! Making it a sprite and apple juice concoction and not alcoholic.

What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

9. Mummy Crescents

Our last idea to bring to a Halloween inspired brunch are mummy crescents. These creepy crypt keepers are sure to be a big hit with both kids and adults. This recipe uses bananas and Nutella, but you can customize the filling to be whatever you would like. All you need is an oven and some crescent dough to make this Halloween treat?

These would also make a great breakfast treat during October for busy families. These crescents are quick and easy to make and can be customized to each person’s tastes. A whole batch doesn’t have to have the same fillings as the one next to it!

What To Bring To A Halloween Inspired Brunch

Like any of these Halloween inspired brunch ideas? Drop a comment down below!

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