What Stark Family Member You Are Based On Your Personality

The Stark family in Game of Thrones are ruled by one tenant: Honor. As their father believed, one must always act with honor, as it exceeds the temporal world of politics, vileness, and evil. Even though Ned Stark died, all his children carry on his legacy of Honor through their own characters. Unfortunately, Rickon is too young in the story to actually have honor tied to his character, but here are the Stark characters you are based on your personality.


Robb Stark, named after Ned’s best friend Robert Baratheon, Is Ned’s firstborn in the Stark Family. As such, he would come to be Lord of Winterfell after his father passed. In the story, Robb is considered Ned’s second coming, following his father’s example to the letter. As Ned, in the beginning, cut off the head of a Night’s Watch deserter, so to would Robb cut off the head of one of his generals for the murder of two child hostages. Like Ned, Robb would also meet his end by adhering too much to his honor. If you adhere to the letter of the law, and choose to do the honorable thing, even knowing it can cause harm. You believe that acting honorably is the only aim for which life is intended for, then you may be like Robb and Ned Stark.

What Stark Family Member You Are Based On Your Personality


Jon, like his brother and father in the Stark Family, aims for the honorable acts in all his actions. From remaining in the Night’s Watch to honor his vows to allowing the Wildlings, people who seem as beasts to his brothers in the Watch, south of the Wall for protection. Jon may seem identical to Robb and Ned, but Jon, more closely examined, acts honorable to the point political or military advantage. Unlike Robb, who placed honor above advantage, Jon seeks to act honorable insofar that it does not lead to more evil from his actions. He allowed Mance Rayder to live, despite law requiring his head, because he knew his aid to be invaluable. If you also believe in acting honorably and also being worrisome over the consequences, then you may be more like Jon.  

What Stark Family Member You Are Based On Your Personality


Sansa Stark has been through psychological traumas, having been kidnapped, beaten, and emotionally abused. Through all this, her honor seems to be lost under her desire to live and have her Stark family thrive. Like the Lannisters who kept her hostage, Sansa’s loyalty lies in her family, and more broad, to the North. Her father’s words over honor remain with her, however. Her acts are bound by honor, so she never acts in ways that her enemies might have, genocide or torture, but still only focusing on the fruition of her land, instead of all people. If you value doing the right thing because it helps to benefit you and yours, then you may be more like Sansa.

What Stark Family Member You Are Based On Your Personality


Arya, similar to her sister Sansa, has also been taken from her home and Stark family and forced to mature much more quickly than any child should have. Arya learns to fight, hide, and assassinate. These tools seem more like those that you find in the trenches of the evil army. However, Arya has been tempered by her father’s words over loyalty. Even though her means may seem evil or cruel, her aim is tended toward bringing good. She writes a list of those who hurt her and her family and aims to kill them. However, her revenge is not based solely on revenge, but justice for others who her enemies have hurt. Cersei has killed many, not only her family, and Arya remains savage in her means, but honorable in her aim. If you value the end goal and do not have a problem using unsavory means to achieve them, then you are more similar to Arya.

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What Stark Family Member You Are Based On Your Personality


Bran dreamed of being a knight, but at the beginning of the story, his “accident” becomes the igniter that starts his role as the next Three Eyed Raven. As such, he becomes a vessel for all of the human knowledge, and because of this, becomes a very important soldier in the fight against Death. Bran uses knowledge to help others, and his view of honor is tied to this. If you believe the best way to help others and the world is through knowledge, then you are more like Bran.

What Stark Family Member You Are Based On Your Personality

Here is a list of the Stark characters and who you might be based on your personality. If you disagree, please comment your reasons below!

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