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What Show You Should Watch According to Your Zodiac

What Show You Should Watch According to Your Zodiac

What Show You Should Watch According to Your Zodiac

It’s that time again. You’ve just finished your latest binge-watching session and don’t know what to watch next. Let your zodiac decide!


If you’re an Aries you’ll love Netflix’s Spanish show Las Chicas Del Cable (Cable Girls). The passionate and ambitious Aries will identify with the heroines of this show. Set in 1920’s Spain at a telephone company, Lydia, Angeles, Marga, and Carlota  are all fighting against a patriarchal system that would sooner see them wilt than bloom. Each character has her own obstacles to overcome and together they do whatever they must in order to come out ahead. The take no prisoners attitude of the show along with the strong camaraderie will have Aries folks rooting for the heroes until the very last second.

What You should Watch According To Your Zodiac


The Taurus zodiac is as strong and dependable as the earth, a hardworking bunch that just wants the job done. If that’s you than NBC’s The Good Place  is just what you need to unwind. While the characters might get themselves riled up now and again, the overall tone of the show is a group of people who are ceaselessly trying their best for the good of all. No spoilers, but it is definitely a show that the dedicated Taurus can appreciate.


For the fun-loving Gemini, look no further than Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show is filled with characters that seem so opposite of each other that you would think it wouldn’t work. Yet time and again Brooklyn Nine-Nine delights in showing its that is not the case. These seemingly opposing forces are actually beautiful and zany compliments that result in charming and hilarious scenarios. From the rigid Holt and childlike Jake to aloof Rosa and big-hearted Amy, Gemini will greatly enjoy watching these foils develop their relationships with each other and help each other grow.


For our most sensitive zodiac member we have the equally emotionally filled favorite This Is Us. Not only does it tug at the heartstrings but it centers around the ups and downs of life and family, the latter of which is most important to Cancers. The Pearson family will quickly become family to the empathetic Cancer, and so lengthy, tearful discussions after each episode will be a must.

What You Should Watch According To Your Zodiac


Leos, being more drawn to the theatrical, will find themselves delighted to follow the Rose family to Schitt’s Creek. From Alexis’ exclamations of “EWW, DAVID” to Moira’s neverending supply of wigs, Leos will find themselves unconsciously mimicking the eccentric habits they see before long. Just as much as the theatrics, Leos will also enjoy the seeing the same passion being used by the characters to achieve their goals. the best of both worlds.


For the practical and grounded Virgo, what better show than The Great British Bake Off  to binge. Virgos will appreciate the systematic way the participants move through their tasks, and unlike other competition shows there is a certain serene quality that permeates the show that will appeal to them. Even when a bake goes wrong after some moments of quiet frustration, the participants move on to the next step to problem solve. Plus there’s nothing like seeing a bunch of baked goods on screen to get you in a good mood!


Libras are all about balance, and what better show to watch than Avatar the Last Airbender! Aang and the Gang are all about restoring balance and harmony to their world. The Libra will appreciate the both the subtle and overt lessons of the show, proving that finding and maintaining balance is a constant effort. One that is not easily done but definitely worth it. Even the final core group of characters displays a balance that the Libra’s keen eye will easily discern and appreciate.


Scorpios love their independence, which is why they’ll have no trouble rooting for Sabrina Spellman as she battles against the Devil himself for her freedom in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. They’ll cheer as Sabrina stands her ground against all she has ever known to give voice to her own desires and break away from the plans others have made for her.

What You Should Watch According To Your Zodiac

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The last of the fire zodiac,  those born under Sagittarius thirst for knowledge and adventure. They do so with enthusiasm and positivity, which is why they would doubly enjoy Comedy Central’s Drunk History. Not only are they learning about the past, but they are doing so in a fun and unexpected way. Watching their favorite celebrities act out drunken history reports is as entertaining as it is informative, just what the Sagittarius is looking for.


Capricorns are always looking to their future and working hard to ensure that it’s a good one. They would enjoy seeing these traits portrayed in Kim’s Convenience. The daughter in the show longs to be a famous photographer, and though her parents are wary they support her nonetheless when they see the passion and drive she displays for it. Every character on the show wants more for themselves and each other, providing love and support at every turn.


The problem-solver of the zodiac, Aquarius think deeply about the issues presented to them and try to find ways to turn bad into good. This sort of mentality is abundant in the rebooted One Day At A Time. The show does an excellent job of presenting the audience with modern day problems for its characters to navigate in a thought-provoking manner that will inspire the Aquarius to emulate them.


Pisces love best to toe the line between reality and fantasy, they thrive on the dreamy side of reality. For this reason Gilmore Girls would be a hit with the Pisces crowd. The show constantly makes mention of two realities the titular girls inhabit, and while they don’t mean dimension hopping of any sort, in a way that is what it is. The Gilmore Girls live opposing, extraordinary lives according to the eyes that watch them but not according to themselves, and it is this blur that Pisces find joy in.

What You should Watch According To Your Zodiac

Will you be watching the show your Zodiac recommends? Let me know in the comments below!

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