What Rom Com To Watch Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sitting around your apartment craving a romantic comedy but not sure exactly which one (out of the thousands) you want to watch? Here’s a list of rom coms to watch based on y

Aries: The Wedding Planner

Brash, stubborn Aries’ fits perfectly with this classic 2000’s film where Jennifer Lopez brings out her classic fiery side. Plus, with the emphasis on career over love, the main character just fits the ideal Aries, which is perfect for relatability.

Taurus: Easy A

Mess with the bull, get the horns. Easy A is exactly the best revenge-type film with just a bit of selflessness and dependability in friendships that Taurus’ are also known for. Plus, the idea that the main character shaped a bad reputation for her benefit? Totally a Taurus move.

Gemini: She’s the Man

We have to admit, this is a little on the spot considering the separate character personality thing. But this film will satisfy Gemini’s need for humour but also reflect their separated nature.

Cancer: Sweet Home Alabama

Cancers are always known for being super emotional and strong willed, with a love for art and attatchment to sentimental things. That in itself is an exact reflection on this classic rom com, plus with the emphasis on family and close friends — which Cancers are known for treasuring the most — this film just fits.

Leo: When in Rome

Leos are constantly centres of attention, and they love it. This film is about a girl who accidentally becomes the major centre of attention of seven men via a magic fountain. Seems pretty Leo to us.

This film also shows the need to put your ego aside to think less cynically about love, which is definitely a lesson that Leos need to remember.

Virgo: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before*

Being practical and analytical is not exactly a common trait for main characters in rom coms, but this teen-centred movie has exactly that. This movie features the exact traits that Virgos are known for, and plays a little with how those traits effect their relationships.

Libra: Singing in the Rain

Social, charming Libras are a perfect fit for this classic, and the idea of catering to everyone’s needs (like the main character) is also very much in tune with this star sign.

Scorpio: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days*

Scorpios don’t take any bullsh*t, and neither does the main character is this hilarious rom com. Being career focused, Kate Hudson’s character is completely savage in trying to get her partner to hate her, but fails when her great personality shines through. And that’s exactly what would happen if you put a Scorpio in that situation.

See Also

Sagittarius: Roman Holiday

Sagittariuses are adventurous and idealistic, which is perfect for this picture-esque, classic rom com. Not being able to stick in one place for too long is exactly the main character’s problem in this film, and the ability to live vicariously through the daring Audrey Hepburn is exactly the type of escape this sign needs.

Capricorn: 10 Things I Hate About You*

The cynical, witty nature of the main character in this film reminds us a lot of Capricorns, but the plot of being skeptical is also majorly this star sign.

Aquarius: The Proposal

This funny, crazily strange film is perfect for Aquarius’ who need that type of humour release when watching movies. Plus, forcing yourself to go with the flow in uncomfortable situations? Classic Aquarius.

Pisces: The Princess Bride

Pisces and fantasy is the perfect mix: you get the dreamy world with the sweet, romantic plot line that this film has to offer, which will appeal to the Pisces’ imaginative, fool for love nature.

Have you seen any of these films? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Georgia Longphee

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