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What Prom Dress You Should Wear Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Prom Dress You Should Wear Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Finding your dream dress isn’t always easy when there are an endless amount of colors, fabrics, and silhouettes to choose from. ball gown or mini dress? badazzled or solid colors? Cutouts? Ruffles? Strapless or long-sleeved? This prom season we are looking to the stars for style direction. We’ve rounded up the best looks for each astrological sign across the zodiac for major prom dresses inspo in 2019.


Let’s be honest here. You love a good statement, Aries. However, you seem to always be on the go and have never been too fussy about your wardrobe. This look is super simple yet it still makes a hell of a statement. If you want to dress it up even more, throw on those accessories, girl.

Elegant Formal Long Prom Dresses Outfit Ideas for Teens - Simple Modest Backless Halter Neck White Chiffon Maxi Dress Cheap 2018 for Homecoming for Graduation - elegantes vestidos de fiesta largos formales Ideas de vestimenta para adolescentes -


You’ve always been more on the fierce scandalous side. So for prom, show off that elegant side we all know you OWN. Pink is definitely your color, Taurus, and this dress screams your name. Its lace material is totally romantic which is completely your style. Youll look like a princess waltzing up to prom in this number.

v-neck blush pink lace bodice chiffon prom dress, long pleated formal dress


Because Geminis have a tough time making decisions, picking prom dresses is quite the challenge for you. Because we know the biggest struggle for you is picking out the color of your dress, this colorblock gown is the ultimate solution—you get the best of both worlds with two bold and distinct colors. The perfect piece for you.

Rachel Allan Prom 7590 Rachel ALLAN Long Prom Prom, Bridal, Bridesmaid, Pageant, & Special Occasion Gowns- WWW.PROMUSA.BIZ


Cancer, youve always been drawn to anything pertaining to the ocean, which makes sense because your main element is water. That said, the perfect dress for you is this gorgeous sequin mermaid gown. Its sparkly sequin will remind you of the ocean and will have your radiating happiness the whole night through.

Eleg Glamour Two-Piece Round Neck Sweep Train Blue Prom Dress with Beading 2018


Leo, you are without a doubt the sunshine of the zodiac signs. Why? Because youre cheerful 24/7. For prom, you need a dress that is just as radiant and joyful as you are—and this stunning yellow halter dress seems to be just that. Prepare to have all eyes on you as you step out in this vibrant number.

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Virgo, you are a practical girl, there is no denying that. Because you like to keep to yourself, you dont want to wear any prom dresses that are too flashy on your big night. This simple yet classy gown will make you the most comfortable and still feel most like yourself within a prom dress.

BohoProm prom dresses A-line Halter Sweep Train Satin Simple Prom Dresses HX00145


Libra, you are quite the social butterfly. Prom night will be big for you and you want to make sure you make a big statement when you arrive. If you walk in wearing this stunning off-the-shoulder black fit and flare gown, theres no doubt that youll be the talk of the ball—you wouldnt mind that, right?

Off the Shoulder Mermaid Long Prom Dress School Dance Dress Fashion Winter Formal Dress YDP0365


Scorpio, you are a fierce, fiery and full of passion, which is why red is your color. Rock this vibrant gown to prom to exhibit your bold and beautiful personality and you wont regret it.

Newest Red Spaghetti Straps Prom Dress, Satin Mermaid Sexy Backless Prom Dress, KX169

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You are quirky, cool and always down for an adventure. Because youre such a world traveler, we thought youd be perfectly suitable for a sparkly blue sequin dress that looks just like the night sky.


Capricorn, youre sophisticated, classy and chic and you need a dress that reflects this. Because you have traditional values and like to keep things simple, this timeless and elegant peachy pink gown would be ideal for you. Imagine how gorgeous youll look strutting into prom wearing this!



As an Aquarius, you pride yourself on being unique and different from the crowd. Because you are a free spirit and always willing to try new things, bold, sequin two-piece prom dresses will be a fun and quirky way to show off your personality on prom night. Were living for the sparkles!

two piece champagne long prom dresses, fashion spaghetti straps prom dresses with sequins, sheath 2 piece formal dresses P2781


Pisces girl, you are perhaps the most gentle and loving of the zodiac signs. By nature, you are a very romantic individual and you are obsessed with the concept of romance. On prom night, you should channel all of this passionate energy directly into your wardrobe by rocking this flirty and chic rose gown.

Two Piece A-Line Straps Pink Satin Prom Dress,Cheap Prom Dresses,PDY05 – prommode #promdress#promdresses#promdresseslong#cheappromdresses

There you have it, the stars have spoken! What do you think about this years zodiac prom dresses? Tell us in the comments below!

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