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What Princess You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Princess You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever been watching a Disney princess movie and found the similarities between you two just too similar? There could be something to blame; your zodiac sign. Many people believe that their zodiac signs describe them perfectly, so keep reading to see which Disney princess your zodiac sign is most compatible with. 

1. Aries – Merida 

Much like Merida, Aries have a reputation for being bold, fearless, brave, and outspoken. Many times they are thought to be the fire crackers of the zodiac. When they have their mind set on something they go for it with full force. 

With all of those amazing qualities it’s almost impossible to not be impulsive. Aries are known to be rash with decision making and not thinking things through very clearly. This can cause a but of trouble for them just as it did for Merida in Brave. 


2. Taurus – Tiana 

Some of Taureans’ most notable qualities are that they’re determined and stubborn. Much like Tiana they actually use those two qualities to be successful in life. They have a clear vision of their future and they’ll do anything to make their dreams come true. 


3. Gemini – Cinderella 

Geminis are known for being the people pleaser of the signs. Despite any situation they can always find a way to make things a good time. 

Cinderella is the perfect example of a Gemini because despite her unhappy home life she still found a way to keep herself and others happy. Geminis know how to turn any tough situation into one that works in their favor.


4. Cancer – Ariel 

Cancers are the most emotional and misunderstood zodiac sign. We think that Caners emotions are actually a strength rather than a weakness. It can be hard to get to their emotional side because of their tough exterior, but once the barrier is broken they are some of the most loving and kind people you will ever meet. 

Ariel had a very similar situation. She had a deep rooted desire for wanting to be human, and an intense love for Eric that couldn’t be understood by her father. Eventually though it was clear to see that what she wanted was valid and that she has a heart of gold. 


5. Leo – Moana

Leo’s are the natural born leaders of the zodiac. They take charge of their life and others tend to follow. When a Leo wants something they’ll get it one way or another.  Leos are also known to be protective and loyal to those that they care about, a lot like Moana.

Moana cared about her people and she put her self at risk but going out to the sea all alone to bring vegetation back to her people. Not only that, but she lead them to success just like a Leo would. 


6. Virgo – Jasmine 

These are the hardest workers of the zodiac. Virgos are known for setting high goals for themselves and working to achieve them with perfection. Princess Jasmine has been training her entire life to step to the thrown after her father. She knows that the likelihood of her actually getting that title is low due to Agrabah’s law, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing that dream anyway. 

7. Libra – Snow White 

Libra’s are the social butterfly of the zodiac, they are known to be personable and easily make many friends. They have a certain charm about them that draws people in. Snow White has that same charm and charisma. 


She easily befriended all the animals and the seven dwarfs, even the grumpiest of dwarfs loved her. 

8. Scorpio – Rapunzel 

Scorpios tend to have a negative perception with being tough and heartless. In reality they are just determined and goal driven and many people perceive that as being cold. They’ll do anything to get what they want even if that means going against the norms. 


Rapunzel wanted to get out of her tower and explore and was constantly denied that by her mother. One day she decided to do it anyway, and of course that benefited her immensely. 

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9. Sagittarius – Mulan 

Sagittarians are the adventurers of the zodiac. They have a passion for traveling and exploring. They are bold, daring, and curious. Mulan was a princess warrior who wanted to be on the front lines. She was passionate and fearless just like a Sagittarius. 

She also had a curiosity of what it’s like to go against the gender norms, and that’s exactly what she did. She wasn’t afraid of the consequences and she just went for it. That’s exactly what a Sagittarius would do.


10. Capricorn – Elsa

Capricorns are known to be the most thoughtful, insightful, and responsible of the zodiac signs. You think all of your decisions through thoroughly and you always stay in control. They are driven by success. 

Elsa was definitely the responsible sister out of her and her sister Anna. She was always more calm and collected as where Anna was impulsive and emotional. This can be a positive trait, or a negative one depending on the situation. Because she was so careful and rational she appeared to be heartless at first, even though we know that wasn’t the case.


11. Aquarius – Belle

Aquarians are known to be friendly and generous. They are one of the more soft spoken and gentle of the signs. Belle tended to keep to herself but somehow everyone in the town was enchanted by her. 

She was friendly and kind which were her most admirable traits. She even grew to love the beast and see him for who he really was.


12. Pisces – Aurora 

Pisces are also an emotional sign and tend to considered the most spiritual. They have an ethereal quality to them that can’t me mimicked. Not only that, but they are a zodiac sign known for kindness. Because they are so kind and trusting they tend to be naive just like Aurora. 


What’s your sign, and which princess do you feel like you identify with most? Let us know down below in the comments!

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