What Patterns Should You Be Wearing This Summer?

Every season we see a change in fashion. Although it may be subtle you constantly are finding yourself looking for the next best thing as you see beautiful articles of clothing everywhere you look whether that be at the mall or just scrolling on your social media. You are now beginning to ask yourself, what patterns should you be wearing this summer? These 5 patterns are some of the most popular patterns you will see this summer as they are popular when it comes to Spring and Summer ready to wear fashion. Patterns are a great way to spice up your wardrobe and make stylish outfits that are still your own.

1. Leopard Print

Leopard print is one of the patterns that is coming back into style and it is cuter than ever. Leopard print was something that previously could have been seen as tacky. However, with the clothes that are coming back into style with this risqué pattern, leopard print is cuter than ever! The best part about leopard print is it can be worn subtly, such as buying some leopard print biker shorts or blouse or you can wear it to the club with a leopard print cocktail dress. No matter which look you go for, as long as you wear it in a classy way you will look great and in style!

What Patterns Should You Be Wearing This Summer?

2. Stripes

Stripes are one of the most common patterns this summer! It gives off a very beachy and yachting type vibe that is perfect for the warm weather. This can, of course, be worn as a top, but wearing it as bottoms or in a dress is super cute! There are several other styles to wear it in as well. The best way to wear stripes though is vertical. They are super cute and give the allusion that you are longer than you really are. That is why stripes look so good as bottoms. Everyone wants long legs! Horizontal stripes can definitely be cute too, but sometimes it has the same effect making you look wider which is not so good. No matter how you wear them, stripes should absolutely be one of the patterns you’re wearing this summer!

What Patterns Should You Be Wearing This Summer?

3. Floral

Floral is a super popular pattern that is so common in spring and summer. As the flowers outside are in full bloom, the amount of clothing with floral pattern is more common than other seasons! Flowers are printed on clothes in several different ways. This summer though, smaller flowers seem to be what is most common. Color blocking, or several colors in one article of clothing, is very bright and in your face this summer. Well, flowers are a great way to have a colorful dress that has those color blocking patterns and bring colors inside it in a fun, simple, summery way!

What Patterns Should You Be Wearing This Summer?

4. Geometrical

The geometrical patterns withhold more bright colorful ways to wear your clothing this summer. This is a fun and different way to express yourself just by what you’re wearing! If you are someone who is a bit more fashion-forward and daring, this is the pattern for you!  You can find some super cute clothes with this ready to wear pattern that make you look super stylish this summer. Throw on a pantsuit like the one shown below if you are really feeling fashion-forward, or throw on a geometrical shirt with some blue jeans to have a more casual, but still stylish look. No matter how you execute these geometrical patterns they are a sure-fire way to stay in fashion and look great!

What Patterns Should You Be Wearing This Summer?

5. Plaid

Whether you are wearing flannel plaid, or plaid like you see on a picnic blanket, both patterns are guaranteed to make you look great this summer. Plaid can be worn as pants, dresses, skirts, and so much more and it all looks so good! One of the best parts about it is it comes in all different colors. That way, you can combine it with several different articles of clothing. You could do some layering, which has been a popular trend lately or wear a jacket underneath it. Plaid is both edgy and cute. It can be worn with little white gym shoes or it could be worn with some Dr. Marten’s boots. Whichever way you choose to wear your plaid make sure you’re wearing it in many more ways than just a flannel button up!

What Patterns Should You Be Wearing This Summer?

What are your summertime go-to patterns? Comment them below!

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